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Fic Recs

Recs are organized alphabetically by title.

* = personal favorite


*And The Unrelated Moral Is, by grim lullaby

Wally wants to know Robin's secret identity. There's fluff in here, you just have to look for it.


Blanket, by p3n-stroke

In just a moment, Robin fell asleep. KF might have just the thing to make Boy Wonder comfy.


*Bridal Style, by takebuo ishimatsu

Robin's not too happy with how everyone's been carrying him around. Really, does he *look* like a damsel in distress?


Goggles, by xxquoth nevermorexx

Kid Flash expresses an insecurity.


Laundry Day, by grim lullaby

Everyone knows that chores are 'stupid'. And with nothing better to do Wally decides teasing Dick is probably the most fun he's going to have all day.


Oblivion, by ultraman64

Wally can't help being slow at certain things.


Spliced, by deranged black kitten of doom

Wally and Robin are injected with the animal splicing drug and now Wally's animal instincts are telling him to stalk after the little bird of their group.


*The Art of Warm Fuzzies, by zeraphie

Robin and Kid Flash are in love. Sorta. Everyone else thinks so, anyway.


The Box, by xanaimpala

Robin has been watching Kid Flash.


*The Truth About Alfred, by takebuo ishimatsu

The man's really an angel in disguise. Or some sort of god. Or both. In other words, the tale of how Wally totally failed at getting Bruce's permission to date Dick.


*They Know, by titansfan1211

"Robin, we know about you and Wally..." Kaldur trailed off, as Robin stared, confused. Then it clicked.


Under This Mask, by -unknown author-

Crossdressing prompt again, but this time its because its the only way Dick can feel like himself, he doesn't have to wear a mask, the only thing he has to pretend at is being a girl. Wally sees him at a club or something and doesn't realize its him.


*WALLE, by xxquoth nevermorexx

Against his better judgment, he agreed to watch a movie with Kid Flash. One that Kid Flash picked out, might I add. He'd been all excited by the movie's title, "WALL-E."


*Welcome to the Family, Or Not, by takebuo ishimatsu

Flash and Batman come upon their charges' secret relationship in a very bad way. Batman is not happy.


*Wrapper, by grim lullaby

Truth be told, he really wouldn't have minded if Robin took his bait and strayed to the other side of the fence.

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