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The Fourth Factor of the Love Triange

Before the episode of Young Justice (after the premiere episode that occurred on November 2010), the producers of the series have made it clear that there will be a love triangle in the beginning of the series between Wally, M'gann, and Conner. There was in fact a love triangle, but from it resulted a fourth factor from another character: a jealous Robin.

The relationship between the four young heroes would go like this (prepare for some major details):

  1. Wally would flirt with M'gann -- often he would look her in the eye and speak in a suggestive tone or if he cannot see her he would compliment her (again with a suggestive tone).

  2. M'gann would either accept Wally's advances or ignore him in favor of Conner (her interactions with Conner are often expressed in a shy manner) -- fact: she already commented on Conner's shirt, ears, and eyes.

  3. Conner would either ignore her efforts altogether or do something unexpected like complimenting on her skills as a leader in, "Welcome to Happy Harbor" -- his interactions vary depending on the current mood he is in.

  4. Meanwhile (and this goes back to Wally) Dick would elbow/nudge/punch Wally in a subtle attempt to get his attention because he obviously wants it. Or if that doesn't work then he would just make a comment on Wally's supposed poor flirting skills. -- both methods break Wally's trance-like state whenever he is flirting with another female; good work boy wonder.

So does this mean Dick is actually a fourth factor to the love triangle? Maybe, if you pay really close attention to the series.


The Possible Premonition

This was a display of one of M'gann's powers, shape-shifting, on the request of Dick in the episode, "Welcome to Happy Harbor". M'gann shape-shifted into "Robin" then "Kid Flash" although in the female version of the boys (she has yet to master this). Despite this, DIck and Wally are still relatively impressed. But here is the question: "Are they simply impressed with M'gann's powers or are they oggling at the female version of their best buds?" -- in the gif below I think the answer is the definitely the second choice, but the reality is its probably the first choice. No doubt about it.

Still there is something good that might just come out of it. Just think about it, fans all over the world will have seen this and what will they be thinking?

They'll be thinking: Omg! I knew this was gonna happen! Oh I hope someone will write about this in fanfiction! Or at least something like that. Hey a fan girl can only dream the possibility, right? Absolutely!

Miss Martian as Robin and Kid Flash (via youngjustice)

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