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References to the Guise of Friendship


The truth of the matter is that these two are almost, always together -- whether it be on missions or simply hanging out with the rest of the team. It could be the effect of Wally's puppylike devotion to Dick. Or the simple fact that Dick cannot function properly without his best pal at his side. Either way both facts seem to apply -- a result of their long time bond as friends which will surely last until the end of time.


The Mock Abuse

Its been witnessed on several occasions already -- Dick would nudge Wally in the elbow in response to his obvious yet subtle jealousy whenever Wally so happens to flirt with a girl, particularly M'gann. Or Wally would simply earn himself a smack to his shoulder for being too goofy (a result because of his super-fast thoughts and impulse). A third option would be a mock comment from Dick. -- you could say that its an act of friendship, between two close friends, particularly boys. Or it could be a prelude to something beyond friendship.

Just picture this habit a few years into the future. By now the mock abuse that Dick would regularly use on Wally would be filled with affection. And the only reason Wally doesn't seem to mind is because he loves the abuse/attention. It shows that Dick cares and Wally appreciates it. (now if only this would actually happen -- wishful thinking)


Identities Revealed

The only secret that Dick has never told anyone is his identity -- the first lesson that his adopted father taught him besides keeping the utility belt with him at all times (the second lesson) -- If he reveals, then it would make him vulnerable to any villains who just might want to kill him. This is probably why he is willing to guard it with his life. The only person who knows his identity, besides his mentor, is his best pal, Wally.

Why? Well answer this simple question, "Are you willing to trust your best friend with a secret?". Most of the time the answer would be yes and Wally and Dick are no exception, despite Dick being forbidden to do so by his mentor. This simply shows that Dick is willing to trust Wally his secret with his life. Wally in turn keeps the the secret and together the two boys are fooling everyone around them to believe that Wally does not know Robin's secret identity when in fact he does.

Now this definitely shows something.


Hidden Feelings

It is expressed solely through subtle hints by both incoming parties -- Wally would be one of many guys that flirts with anything that walks and talks while Dick would be the one who usually sulks in a dark corner in a poor attempt to hide his "jealousy". -- It is the simple cause of Wally's apparent crush on M'gann (who holds no feelings for him, but is infatuated with Superboy -- I don't know his real name) that is sadly unrequited. When Wally flirts, Dick will react (in a subtle way).

A good example would be in the episode, "Welcome to Happy Harbor" when Wally flirts with M'gann at least three times during the whole episode. DIck would either nudge him or give him a poor comment on his flirting skills.

Does this mean that Wally and Dick have feelings for the other? Maybe, but perhaps only from a fan's perspective. More action (or proof) is needed to actually make it happen.


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