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Moments In Season One

Independence Day

The three sidekicks are left alone in the Hall of Justice. Their curiosity gets the better of them and they decide to investigate Project Cadmus on Aqualad's (Kaldur) suggestion -- Dick hacks the main computer and checks out the details regarding Cadmus, but finds few. With quick thinking he suggests that they solve the mystery of Cadmus before the adults do. Wally is quick to follow and he saying (and I love this one), "Wait, are you going to Cadmus? Because if you're going I'm going."


Wally and Dick in "Independence Day" (via youngjustice)


That line was really cheesy; it just sounded like a line only a couple would say or at least friends that absolutely cannot be without the other. But seriously, in all likeness who says this to their best friends? I can only think of one possibility and that possibility is if one of them is harboring feelings for the other. So does this mean that Wally could be harboring secret feelings for DIck? Absolutely! XD


Welcome to Happy Harbor

Its all about a little jealousy in this episode. Disappointed by Red Tornado's response, Megan attempts to read his mind, but can't because he is not organic (he is a machine). Wally, ever devious, goes up to her and asks if she could tell what he is thinking. He earns a mock nudge from Dick. 

In this scene Wally's eyes are so green and gorgeous. I can understand why Robin would seem like he is jealous, I mean "hello" he wants that look only to be reserved for him. Heh, Can you say a jealous Robin? I can. :)


This scene is not yet over for upon's Kaldur's request a tour is in order. Megan eagerly offers herself and Superboy to give the team of the cave, but Superboy declines. Wally doesn't mind because a private tour would be more fun -- and when he says this he is looking directly at Megan. But then Dick intervenes and says, "She never said private!"

Ahh...the bitterness of jealousy and Wally is clearly too blind to see it (or maybe he is doing it on purpose).

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