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Dick Grayson/Robin, Boy Wonder (alias)


Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Family: Bruce Wayne/Batman (adoptive father)
Home: Gotham City
Voiced by: Jesse McCartney


Robin of "Teen Titans" (via fanpop)


This is "Robin" from the cartoon series, Teen Titans. Now as I've said earlier I'm not referring to this Robin. He is more serious, technical, gloomy, doesn't like to fool around etc. He is completely different from the "Robin" in Young Justice -- this is probably because this Robin is older, but I'm not quite sure.

Despite this both Robins still share the same background. For example they are both raised by Batman and their parents worked as trapeze artists. In the future both Robins will become known as Night Wing.


Robin of Young Justice (via comicbookmovie)


The carefree Boy Wonder of Gotham City trained by the Dark Knight (Batman) himself since he was still a child. You could say that as a hobby he fights crime, hacks into computers, and hangs out with his best bud, Wally West (aka the Kid Flash). Robin, as a human with no powers, is surprisingly strong -- thanks to Batman. To keep in top shape he makes sure to practice by doing aerobics, weight lifting, gymnastics, etc in his free time. You could say that with a life like Robin's, life would seem serious, all the time. Not so for this superhero.

Let's just say that when it comes to fighting he is a bit overexcited (and I mean a bit). There are two hints:

  1. He actually laughs at his opponents when he's trying to hide from them -- its a weird creepy life and if the villains are spooked then I can understand where they're coming from (but its not an insane laugh)
  2. He is often the first to confront an opponent -- this is partly because he assumes that everyone knows what he is thinking and therefore does not need to command the others (he got this from training with Batman). Another reason would that he just wants to fight (not just with brawns though).

There is not much known about Robin's secret life -- at least to his teammates -- other than the fact that he is adopted (not sure if they are aware of this) and that his best friend is Wally. His identity is pretty much his biggest secret; he guards it with his life. Even in civilian clothing he makes sure to always wear sunglasses -- KF made a joke about this one.


Robin of Young Justice in civilian clothes (via youngjustice)

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