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Wally/Dick } Wally

Wally West/Kid Flash, K.F. (alias)


Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Orange
Family: Barry Allen/Flash (uncle)
Home: Blue Valley
Voiced by: Jason Spisak


Kid Flash of "Teen Titans" (via fanpop)


This is "Kid Flash" from the cartoon series, Teen Titans. He is somewhat of a rogue hero -- has a good sense of justice, but is less driven (probably this is because of his carefree personality). In the series, Kid Flash spends good amount of time flirting with Jinx, always trying to convince her to renounce her life as a villainess -- let's just say he is smitten with her. :3


Kid Flash of Young Justice (via youngjustice)


The scientific-minded member of the team (well besides Robin who is more technical). You wouldn't think that he is into science because you would be fooled into thinking that he is simply goofy. Well, I hate to break it to you, but Kid Flash is both.

Kid Flash gets along with nearly everyone, but his best buddy is Robin. The two have known each other for a long time -- and as a result Robin revealed his identity. On missions the two friends would always stick with the other. Some say they might even think alike -- afterall Kid Flash does have a scientific mind and Robin is a bit technical. So you could say that he they definitely make quite a team. ;)

In the series, it is no secret that KF harbors a crush on Miss Martian. He often flirts with her, but his feelings are unrequited for Miss M has feelings for Superboy (but Superboy is not interested). -- And this is gonna be the great love triangle of the series.

You would think that by now Kid Flash would have more control over his powers. Sad to say it but, he doesn't. He's still young and needs more training. He's not the Flash who knows how to control his powers. This is why on most missions, KF would have "accidents". Though his reckless attitude could be another possibility. :3


Kid Flash of Young Justice in civilian clothes (via youngjustice)

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