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Before I begin this semi-informative introduction, let me just state that I am not referring to the "Robin" and "Kid Flash" from the cartoon, Teen Titans, or from the DC Comics version -- although the characters are based on that world (and by this I mean the DC Universe). -- Anyways I know nothing of that so that is besides the point. Rather simply I am referring to "Robin" and "Kid Flash" characters, from this new series, Young Justice. This series premiered only since November 2010 so I can undestand if some people have never heard of it. But for a series so early, its surprisingly popular -- perhaps a revival of Cartoon Network?

Young Justice is a cartoon series that follows the lives of sidekicks such as Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad who have defied their mentors so that they may do their own battle and act as "real" heroes. (those three characters are only of three from a six-member team). Let me just say that the series is has me "whelmed" (its a line of Robin that he frequently loves to use)!

Okay so this series brings a whole new set of pairings, whether it be straight or slash pairings. -- personally I prefer slash, as you can probably see from this shrine. Besides Wally and Dick (aka Kid Flash and Robin) there are other pairings such Miss Martian and Superboy, Aqualad and Robin, Kid Flash and Miss Martian, etc. But I only prefer Kid Flash and Robin, which again, hence the shrine.

Now for those of you that are flamers, haters, abusers of posting spam, I suggest you leave. Or if you don't want to then please have a look around my shrine. However, no violence. For those of you that love the pair then I gladly welcome you into the shrine. :D

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