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References to the Maybe Supporters

Note: this is only in the english version.



He is the third main character of Digimon Tamers and is such present during the many moments between Takato and Rika. Yet, he doesn't say anything. Merely he just nods it off. Is it possible that Henry may suspect a budding relationship between Takato and Rika?

Here is some evidence:

  • Now You See It! Now You Don't! -- Rika has decided to follow Takato and Henry to the tunnel. It is clear that Takato is happy to see her and makes a comment that she made it! Rika's only reaction is to glare and Takato becomes quiet. That is when Henry says that they have to keep moving. Notice the way Henry is dismissive about Takato's outburst and that he simply said that they should keep moving.

  • No Mon is an Island -- While Takato and Rika are having their interesting conservation, Henry is left standing in the sidelines. It is quite a shock that Henry would stay quiet throught Rika and Takato's argument. But, then again he has always been a mature person. Surely he would have noticed the blush that was forming on both Rika and Takato's faces, but could he? At the time Henry was mainly on focused on one task. That was to defeat the Digimon Sovereign and protect Suzie from harm. Could Henry really be oblivious to the whole "moment?"

  • Reunion -- This time when the interaction between Takato and Rika is actually happening Henry notices it, but does nothing. Now why would Henry do that instead of teasing the "future" couple? My guess is that his head is into the mission way too deep. Or another guess could be that Henry wants them to develop this thing on their own. Hmm..very smart Henry (if you let a relationship bud on its own then it will become stronger).


Terriormon (aka Henry's partner)

Now this is an indirect reference that only happens in one scene of the entire series: The Reunion (aka the tunnel scene). Guilmon (Takato's partner) had just made a comment that he thinks Renamon (Rika's partner) is smart and will always be smart. Renamon gives him her thanks. Terriormon noticed all this and sing-songs, "Renamon and Guilmon sitting in a tree."

Now there is a rumor concerning that if a Digimon portrays his partner's/tamer's feelings. If this is true then could Guilmon and Renamon be an indication that Takato and Rika will develop a relationship? The possibility may become a reality. ;)


Seiko Hata (aka Rika's grandmother)

Again this was only one episode in the entire series: Now You See It! Now You Don't! when Takato and Rika were at Rika's house having their talk. Anyways the two tamers were having their conversation when Seiko appears and is surprised to see Takato talking with Rika as Rika had never brought home friends before, let alone a boy.

Her surprised statement is an indication that she suspects Takato and Rika are in a relationship (which their not). Maybe she just wants some grandbabies in the future? (I know I'm joking too much). Whatever her thoughts is we will never know because she soon covered it up by offering snacks.


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