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References to the "Nicknames" 

Note: this is only in the english version.


Aren't nicknames supposed to indicate that you share a close bond with that person (never mind about bully names)? Possibly a romance relationship? ;) Well that's the main reason I'm pointing it out. In the english version of Digimon Tamers Takato and Rika were the ones to give each other a nickname (never mind about other couples like ryuki -- not explaining it -- besides this is all about rukato). I'll start first with Takato.


Takato's Nicknames


This was said by Rika during episode seven (Now You See It! Now You Don't!). I'm sure your guessing, why she said that. Well I'll tell you. Takato was following Guilmon because Guilmon smelled a Digimon nearby. It turned out to be Renamon in fact and the two Digimon had a little face off about fighting and mommies. Then Rika shows up right behind them and asks Takato why he is following her. Then she said,

"Are you inlove with me loverboy?" -- Rika

Takato ignores the question and says that he is not following her. Partially true. He is following her, but not like a stalker, rather he is doing it because he wanted to ask some questions. Rika calls him a coward because he doesn't want his Digimon to fight. Then Takato tries to fix the situation by reintroducing himself. However, he is interrupted when Rika cuts him saying,

"Yeah, so what? What? Are you writing a book about me or are you inlove?" -- Rika

Then Takato sighs and the scene ends.

It's pretty interesting that Rika brought out this topic twice. She probably is not used to boys paying attention to her like that even though if it is pretty simple situation. So when Takato came looking for her, her natural response was to make sure he backed off. Or at least talk to him in a tough tomboy manner.



This is the term used to describe the main lead of the series, each of which wore goggles. Tai from the first season was the first to wear it, then his goggles were passed on to Davis in the second season, while Takato wore goggles because he feels he should wear it in commeration of his favorite TV show (which was Digimon). In the fourth season Takuya also wore goggles, but in the fifth season the main character, Marcus, did not wear goggles. So basically the goggle tradition had ended.

Anywho...this is the nickname that Rika mostly calls Takato. Simply because of the goggles on his head. She rarely calls him by his name and when she does, it's because she actually screaming for him. You know when he's in trouble or she's in trouble. I don't remember what episode she starts doing this. All I remember is that she always calls him this nickname. Pretty interesting, right?

She could be doing this in a playful manner, but obviously she's not. The first time she called him this nickname it was out of annoyance. Now it seems she has grown to it. Pretty cute, eh? I don't see her giving nicknames to other boys. Besides, Ryo that is. The nickname is "Mr. Perfect". She said this when she, Kenta, and Kazu first met Ryo, but it was only said once. Plus the others pretty much call him this, so it doesn't really count.


Rika's Nicknames


This was first evident in episode one (Guilmon Comes Alive) when Takato first dreamt of her. In other words she was his "dream girl". Then it was brought out again in episode three (To Fight or Not to Fight), after Renamon had ambushed Guilmon. The first words out of Takato's mouth when he saw her was,

"I saw you in my dreams." -- Takato

Rika didn't say anything up to this point. Merely she just glared at him and then ordered Renamon to fight Guilmon again. That was the end of the dream scene. But it was brought back in episode seven (Now You See It! Now You Don't!), when Takato was just about to go home. Takato had a talk with Rika about Digimon going back to the Digital World for no good reason. Rika replied that it was a possibility. Shortly after she walked him out of her house and Takato was smiling at her. He waved at her casually and then said with mirth,

"Well, thanks Rika. It's not everyday you get to meet your dreamgirl. Sorry, I just couldn't resist, bye." -- Takato

Rika got irritated with that statement and said that if he should ever mention that dream again she would send him to Dreamland for good. It was brought up again in the same episode, but it was pretty minor.

If someone were to mention "dreamgirl" or "dreamboy" you would probably think they mean the person they are idolizing. An example would be like a crush or a movie star. But let's go back to the story. Takato did say that he dreamt of Rika, but did it have any romantics behind it? The answer is no because the dream basically served as a premonition. Yet, as Takato began to get used to the idea he began referring to it as a joke. Could this mean that he might actually had an infatuation with Rika? He could be especially since Rika is considered as one of the prettiest girl in the season. Aww...cute love.


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