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Takato/Rika } Moments } Digimon Tamers Movie: Runaway Locomon

Moments Btwn Them In Runaway Locomon 

Rika is walking on the subway platform talking to a phone (you'll never guess who she's talking to). If you guess Takato, then you're right! :D

Takato accidentally reveals that everyone was planning a "surprise" party for Rika -- well until she found it that she was having it -- At this point Rika is very annoyed with Takato and yells at him (poor Takato), but then her voice softens and she calmly tells Takato to put off the party. Mind you she's blushing at this point.

This is only the first scene of the movie. Imagine what will happen next as the movie goes along. Possibly more rukato moments! And that scene where Rika softens her voice. That was plain cute and adorable; wonderfully written. <3


Rika is about to fall off the train. She is about to lose her grip when suddenly Takato shows up and helps her, even though it is clear that he is too weak to pull her up (wow talk about knight in shining armor, right?). Rika pleads to let herself go, but Takato refuses to let go and tells that this is not the Rika that he knows. At his words, Rika holds on.

When Takato had said that this was not the Rika that he knows, it had sounded like a declaration of love. Not that Takato confessed his love for her or anything. But in a way they sort of did. Takato has clearly shown that he does not want to lose her. Rika confidence soared through Takato's words. If this is not love a declaration of "love", then I don't know what is.


Takato is looking for Rika, who has decided to be alone for a while after someone (that someone is Kazu) suggested that they she stars singing, and finds her sitting down on her porch and looking at the sky. When he is about to confront her, Renamon appears and urges him to walk away. Still Takato looks back at Rika, who at this point is humming a tune.

This really shows how much Takato knows Rika more than the others. First of all he is the only one that actually followed her. Secondly, I could only presume that he sort of understood her. Thirdly, he had the right intention to do so. That is to help Rika feel better like a good friend because he actually cares. 


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