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Moments Btwn Them In The Series

Note: this is based only in the english series.


Guilmon Comes Alive

This episode is all about dreams. Ever heard of the phrase "dreamgirl" (this term refers to an idol of a person whom, he or she wishes to be with, as in like a boyfriend/girlfriend, marriage, soulmate, etc.). Well that's what Rika is because Takato dreamed about her making her his "dreamgirl" (lol, do you get my joke?). From this you could probably say that Takato is inlove with her. Nope you're wrong folks. This dream is more like a premonition of the future. But if Takato is dreaming about the future isn't it ironic that he's only dreaming about Rika and not Henry, Jeri, or any of the other tamers that he will someday meet? Now that has to mean something!


Now You See It, Now You Don't

"Are you inlove with me, loverboy?" -- Rika

Yes, it is just like Rika to tease all the boys that simply want to "chase" her (which is what Takato is doing at the moment). Currently she is busy casting a glare on Takato who has only managed to find her because of Renamon's scent (Guilmon followed the scent not Takato, lol), which led them to this deserted ally. And then Guilmon asks a silly question, "Are you gonna fight her Takatomon?"

Let's just say that Takato says no (rather quickly), allowing Rika to call a coward (or somewhere along that lines) and the two just glare at each other. Takato then then starts to reintroduce himself, properly, but it only led Rika to ask, "Are you inlove?".

Wow talking about stubborn. Rika sure is adament about the fact that Takato might be inlove with her (hint, hint). Could this be a possibility that Rika might have a crush on Takato? As for now I don't think so (she's too busy glaring at him).


Second romance scene in the episode. Rika has brought Takato to her house (its not what you're thinking) so that they could "talk" -- by this I mean Takato admitting that he dreamt about (haha..Rika looks like she's about to punch him), but says this isn't why he was following her. And then out of all the moments, Rika's grandmother appears (and becomes surprised that Rika actually brought home a friend, let alone a boy), and offers some snacks -- now isn't this interesting (wink, wink) -- . Takato gladly accepts, but Rika declines saying that Takato will be leaving soon.

Which he is...Now he and Rika are going to the front door; Rika is escorting him to make sure he leaves, much to the complaint of Takato and Guilmon who are both thinking that Rika is rushing them (aww...Takato wants to spend more time with Rika :3). Then at the gate Takato does something really flirtatious. He says to Rika:

"Well, goobye Rika. It's not everyday I get to meet my dreamgirl."

Had he been talking with a "normal" girl she would have blushed, but Rika threatened him, and told him firmly that if he ever mentioned it again she would send him to dreamland for good (note her emphasis)! 

All in all this was a pretty cute episode. And I absolutely love it!! <3


No Mon is an Island

The tamers and their Digimon are on their way to meet the Digimon Sovereign. Everyone is a little apprehensive, even Rika who is worried about her mom and grandmother. "What if they are wondering where I am?"

Then Takato pipes up from quiet corner and tells her not to worry -- he already has sent them a message (as Rika) telling them that she is fine. Rika looks like she is about to punch him (and Takato ducks down in anticipation), but then she says why would I (?) and then thanks him (a rare moment), but then suddenly she looks at Takato with a glare. "Did you put any hearts in the message?"

Takato's face gives him away and Rika threatened him -- again. :3

Sort of like a lover's quarrel. -- in fact that is what their relationship beginning to look like. -- Did I mention that when Rika as "why would I?" she was actually blushing? A total takato/rika moment.



Ahh...the tunnel scene (its even the main background of the rukato fanlisting (fyi rukato is a combination of takato and ruki -- rika's jap. name)). It was the episode where both Takato and Rika actually blushing and it all because of Takato -- sweet, innocent Takato now a naughty boy? Ahh!! The horror. Nah, I'm just kidding -- anyways it starts out with Rika finding out that Takato has been staring at her (omg, could it possibly be ---) causing Takato to look away (with a blush ;))

"Well, what?" -- Rika

"Oh, nothing." -- Takato, staring ahead.

"Uh-hmpf." -- Rika

 'Just keep walking, pretend she's not staring at you and keep quiet.' -- Takato, berating with himself.

 "I just wanted to say that that shirt looks good." -- Takato, and criticizing himself afterwards.

This leaves Rika with a blushing face.

This is the cutest rukato moment ever! I really love the ending of this episode. <3


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