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Takato/Rika } Rika

Rika Nonaka/Makino Ruki (Jap.)


Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Orange brown with light stripes
Family: Rumiko Nonaka (mother), Seiko Hata (grandmother), Unnamed Father
Hometown: Based on Shinjuku, Tokyo
Voiced by: Melissa Fahn (english), Fumiko Orikasa (japanese)


Rika (via ytimg)

The "queen" of the Digimon card games. -- by this I don't that she's royalty, but that she is the (second) best in a game card known as, Digimon -- For a time that was her only goal and she would accept nothing less. Digimon from all over the Digital World would seek her, wanting to become her partner. Then she met Renamon and her goal was morphed into a new one: to be the best tamer the world has ever known.

You could say she is a workaholic -- not in a profession, but in a obsession with becoming stronger -- , but really she's more of an endurance athlete (only she's not). Everyday's goal was to train; to make Renamon stronger, to Digivolve. It never happened something else was needed to make it happen. It didn't help that her relations with her family was already strained: her mom's efforts to connect with her is futile, her grandmother's words never getting through.

Then one day everything changed when she met Takato and Henry. The two boys wanted Rika in their group, but Rika didn't want it -- I mean why she should she join a group who thinks Digimon are more than just data; pathetic (in Rika's mind). But eventually she gave in and from this she began to value Renamon as more than just data, a real friend. Thanks to this Rika and Renamon finally achieved their goal: Digivolution (a Digimon evolving into the next stage).

Yes, Rika now has friends. Friends that would surely be friends for life. And together they will defeat whatever evil forces await them, in the real world or in the Digiworld.

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