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Takato/Rika } Takato

Takato Matsuki/Matsuda Takato (Jap.)


Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Brown
Family: Takehiro Matsuki (father), Mie Matsuki (mother), Kai Urazoe (cousin), Unnamed Grandfather
Hometown: Based on Shinjuku, Tokyo
Voiced by: Brian Beacock (english), Makoto Tsumura (japanese)


Takato (via tiempodepeliculas)

The wannabe "Digimon Tamer" of the entire series. Takato lives his life on Digimon -- he plays Digimon card games, he sketches his own unique Digimon based on Agumon but bigger, he evens dreams of Digimon in his sleep. Yup you could say Takato is a fanatic, which he is, and as a fanatic he is sort of geeky (I mean as in obsessed into something sort of geek, like Digimon). Then one day Takato's dream comes true.

The sketches that he made, the one with the red dinosaur he named Guilmon, they came to life, with the help of his card scanner, which became into a Digivice. Needless to say, Takato was overjoyed over the fact that he finally became a real Digimon Tamer. But not everything is on the bright side. 

Takato must keep his new friend as a secret or else risk the possibility that Guilmon could be taken away. Not only this, but its like everyday he must fight a new foe, one that is stronger and bigger than the last. It's not easy being the son of a bakery shop and its definitely not easy to be the only Tamer, right? Wrong!

Takato has many supporters: Henry, Rika, Jeri, Kazu, his parents, etc. And he definitely isn't the only Tamer. His friends all (eventually) have Digimon of their very own. Yea, you could say Takato is one happy kid and with Guilmon at his side, you could say he has one heck of an adventure.

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