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Its a tale of a group of children saving the world from a digital menance. They are each helped by their by their very digital monsters, known as Digimon. At first there was only one group of digidestineds, then there were generation two, and now there's a third generation, where the first generation was a mere tv series. Everyone in this world has heard of Digimon (they were made famous by a card game) and every one of those kids seek to become a tamer. Only a few are chosen.

Does this story seem familiar to you? Does it ring a bell? I bet those of you that are a fan of anime/manga knows what I'm talking about. This used to appear on tv, but now it doesn't. It was a great show, with lots of memories. The first and third season were always my favorites. -- Anyways.

Those two kids in the picture, I'm pretty sure you don't recognize them, right? Well that's because their from the third season. (if you those kids then great :D). The girl is Rika and the boy is Takato are we clear? Don't they just look adorable? :3 When you heard me say that I'm pretty sure you know what I'm about to say, "I am a supporter of Takato/Rika."

If you like this pairing and want to know more about then great, go on ahead and explore! If you are unsure, but would like to check the info. regarding this couple then go! But if are here to flame the couple then I suggest. I do not tolerate flames! :)


If you are still interested in the topic of what I am about to discuss then be my guess and continue onwards, but if you hate the mere idea of them together then I suggest you leave. Flames will not be tolerated while this girl is still alive and kicking!

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