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Reference to their Friendship

Never Apart

There is saying that love should never be the ones that tear apart a life long friendship. If that is true then will certainly apply to the friendship between Wally and Dick let me tell you why. 

In every episode so far, Wally and Dick are almost, always together. If Dick wants to go somewhere, Wally will want to come -- a good example is in Independence Day. If Dick happens to disappear around the corner, Wally will want to find him -- in Drop Zone Wally showed this at least twice.

This a definite sign that those two are a classical team. One is never alone without the other. Not even Megan can tear them apart, as Wally clearly showed in Drop Zone. He would much rather find Dick then stay with her. Can this mean that Wally's interest in Megan will someday fade? Maybe but only time will tell.


Communication (with punches and nudges)

Dick abuses Wally when he is being an idiot. Wally in turn does the same. But its all in a good matter. Can anyone tell me why? My guess is that it's a guy thing (you know communication that involves small physical work). But it's also a sign that they are close and they have known each other for a long time, which clearly describes Wally and Dick. The two boys are so used to each other that they don't even mind it -- well not really -- and if someone else were to that it's a sign of war. 

That kind of communication reminds me of an old married couple that is constantly on each other's back (and yet they still love the other). Obviously Dick and Wally aren't an old married couple, but they can act like a couple that has stayed together for years, right? And then Wally will be the guy and Dick will be the girl. If only such things will happen. ^_~

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