Shrines Made In Leisure Stars 

Shrines of pairings that I myself adore and have created. These shrines may feature an official (or canon) couple of a particular series or an unofficial couple that is simply implied by wishful thinking of fans (including myself). To access any one of the shrines, simply click on the picture. (Note: the shrines are organized alphabetically by first name basis of the first character of the pair that is listed.)


Brick and Blossom

Takato and Rika

Hiccup and Astrid

Wally and Dick

Merlin and Arthur

Paul and Dawn

A Quick Color Guide

Unofficial Couple -- this simply means that the pair is not an official couple of a series, but rather is implied by wishful fans.

Official Couple -- meaning that this is not a wishful couple, but is one of the main lovebirds of the series.

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