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Fic Recs

Recs are organized alphabetically by title.

* = personal favorite


A Troublesome Day, by tricia c

Dawn is very excited and happy for her 16th Birthday and decides to go on a peaceful walk in the forest. Guess who she runs into while in there?


Chased by Beedrill, and now, by pondertheworld

Ikarishipping. Yup! Hope you like it. Just curious, should I change the rating? Shinji is OOC, just to warn all of you!


Delivery!, by hollywing

Hikari has to deliver an item to Shinji, and brings along Kengo, who has a friendly chat with Reiji. So what do you get when Shinji's brother and Hikari's chilhood friend talk? That's right, BABY STORIES! And what is in that box? Ikarishipping One-Shot.


Gemini, by aeneid

Paul realizes that there's more to life than training. Ikarishipping. Mention of Contestshipping and Pokeshipping.


Ikarishipping Scene: The Girl in the Forest, by xxPokeContestIkarixx

A very different situation for Ikarishipping to be in. A troubled teen comes upon a violated teen girl in the forest, and he has no other choice but to help her.


Ikarishipping Scene 2: Difference is Key, by xxPokeContestIkarixx

A bright, bouncy girl is with a dark lonesome boy, who she, him sort of oblivious, deeply, deeply loves and cares about. Revealing the past to her will be hard for him, as they both discover what love really is, and why it's so important to each other.


*Kanto Safari, by hunnybear22

During their visit to the Kanto safari zone, Dawn gets seperated from Ash and Brock and winds up lost with Paul. Team Rocket has unleashed the pokerus virus, will Dawn and Paul be able to make it out safely?


*Kiss My Lips, by aeneid

Dawn attends a cosplay competition, not knowing that she'll be in for a big surprise. Ikarishipping. Very minor ShinjixHikarixReiji. Mentioning of Pizza Hut, Code Geass, Naruto Shippuden and D.Gray-Man.


*Lady Marmalade: Sweet Sweet Revenge, by harvestgirl10

Dawn wants Revenge on Paul, and Boy is he going to get it. The Perfect Opportunity comes when Leaf, Zoey, Misty, May, and Dawn enter the Talent show, can Dawn finally get that revenge?


Mistaken, by the biggest ikarishipping fan

Dawn had always been Paul's dirty little secret. But one day they are caught and the secret is out. What does Paul do? Lie. What is Dawn's reaction to Paul's lie? Hell on Earth.


*Mommy and Daddy, by 30-nights

Shinji your the daddy! Hikari yelled. Shinji glared its a pokemon! Not to mention i didnt do anything with you that would make me a father.


My Feelings Show, by misscheckmate123

Hikari, after getting lectured by Satoshi and Takeshi, thinks more clearly about Shinji and starts seeing that there is more to him that meets the eye. Shinji does the same thing, although, he already knows he loves her.


Never Been Kissed, by srhthehedgehog

Hikari is upset because Shinji's never kissed her before. Can she drag a kiss out of this coldhearted young man before she goes insane?


*Of Bandages and Misunderstandings, by esprit de l'eau

Hikari sustains a semi-serious injury but Satoshi and Takeshi are too busy to take notice. That left her no choice but to turn to him for help.


Of Sick Skittys and Grumpy Ursarings, by srhthehedgehog

Hikari gets sick and somehow suckers Shinji into helping her get better. Will Shinji lose it when Hikari requests a certain book?


*Pretender's Fairytale, by the biggest ikarishipping fan

Dawn needs to get married, but she feels she isn't ready. Out of desperation, she asks Paul to pretend to like her and marry her, for a fee of 1000 per week. But for Dawn, old feelings are suddenly reawakened.


Season's Greetings, by kittypride16

Dawn is getting ready for one of her favorite holidays, and this time she is planning on making it on her own. What happens when the store is running short of turkey's?


Seasonal Changes, by the biggest ikarishipping fan

Like the crisp, golden leaves of Autumn turn to Summer's beautiful green leaves, two different people's attitude towards each other changes as seasons pass.


*Simple Harmony, by funeral.bell

Hikari felt best when helping others, so the blue haired girl volunteered to assist in a foster home. What attracted her attention was a silent teen. Question is, why is she so intrigued by him? More over, can she help him?


The Daycare Center Egg!, by the biggest ikarishipping fan

One day, Dawn and Paul leave their pokemon at the daycare center. What does a cute bunny pokemon plus a hostile feline-like pokemon equal? Egg! What does Dawn plus Paul plus Egg equal?


Troubled Feelings, by hollywing

Oneshot. (no real summary)

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