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References to their Subtle Hints

Dawn's Hints

If Dawn were to be hiding a crush on Ash's nemesis is it possible for her to be anymore obvious than she already is? The answer is yes I mean who else would notice Paul's skills without repulsing (because of how he treats his pokemon, but it works doesn't it? His pokemon becomes stronger) and actually admire it? Only Dawn would. You see Dawn is like an open book and her emotions are on her sleeve. So if you try really hard to find evidence that she could possibly like Paul then you will most definitely see it!

Here is some of the evidence:

  • Her impression of him -- the moment she saw how good he was in battle when he battled Ash for the first time, it was clear that Dawn was excited. I bet that if Paul were to have asked her to travel with him she would have said "yes" just so she could watch his battling skills. ;)

  • She cares about how he views her -- might this be already clear from her outburst back to when Paul "supposedly" forgot her name (this was when Ash battled Roark)?

  • The small smiles directed at him -- usually this is seen when Paul leaves the group and journeys on his own. Each time Dawn is smiling gently (infatuation anyone?). :3

  • She considers him not as an enemy, but as a friend -- this was clearly shown on episode, Aiding the Enemy, when she seems annoyed by his attitude to her and her friends.

  • Lastly, the nearly stalkish behavior she displays around him -- who else would notice Paul was about to leave when it was clear that he was bored watching Ash being defeated by Roark (as Paul predicted) - and no this is not because she has good observational skills. I mean Brock is usually the most observant out of all the main characters and even he didn't notice Paul leave - clearly this means something. Or how about the time when Dawn was eavesdropping on his conversation with Reggie? One word: stalker.


Paul's Hints

Its not the behavior that tells about it, but rather the emotion that is apparent on his normally solid face (by this I mean unemotional face) whenever Dawn is around. Usually you won't see it. It is carefully hidden under a mask of mild annoyance, one that unusual for Paul because he is never only mildly annoyed, but rather really irritated or really annoyed (most of this is directed at Ash). Paul never gets angry with her, suggesting that he doesn't mind her presence. A good example would be the maze scene and the time when he caught her eavesdropping while on a conversation with his brother.

Now to some people it would appear as if Paul wanted Dawn's presence. Well it could be that or for two other different possible reasons:

  1. He is respectful to anyone but Ash -- not entirely true. Paul would become cross with anyone who gets in his path like Brock (when Brock attempted to ask Paul for some direction because he was lost in a maze) and Zoey (when she blocked his way from getting inside the pokecenter).
  2. He considers Dawn as "tolerable", but insignificant -- If Paul would have considered her as insignificant then why would he confess his problem to her when he had others like Reggie or Brock (who understands Paul to an extent). Because of this it has led me to believe that Paul does not consider Dawn as insignificant.
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