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Moments Btwn Them Season 11-13


It's another sign. It happens when Ash's Chimchar is too afraid to attack Paul's Ursaring (Ursaring reminded Chimchar of an encounter with some wild Zangoose). Ash and his team are trying to motivate Chimchar to continue (to no avail). But when Dawn joins in Paul suddenly looks irritated.

Yes, it is clear that Paul wanted Dawn to cheer for him and not Ash. :3


Is it me or does Dawn looks infatuated as she watches Paul leave? Well as ikarishipper it sure looks that way. Maybe she's having daydreams about him? ;)


A Pyramiding Rage!

It looks like Dawn is beginning to defend her future boyfriend from the wrath that is Zoey. Paul is just being obnoxious again, with Ash and Zoey sees it. So when Paul tries to go in he is blocked by Zoey, but Zoey is stopped by Dawn. Zoey then mutters that she hopes Candice will defeat him causing Dawn to look worryingly at Paul.

Aww...isn't Dawn's interactions simply adorable? :3


Familiarity Breeds Strategy!

The form of stalkery (I just made that word up) has just been made. Dawn is eavesdropping on a conversation that Paul is currently having with his brother. Then when the call ends Paul easily finds Dawn. Dawn is embarrassed. 

Then Paul walks out and Dawn follows him. The two start a mini-conversation. Paul begins to open up and confesses his main problem with Ash.

Later when Dawn returns to Ash's side and now faces Paul she blushes.

I interpret this episode as being utterly adorable. I mean the eavesdropping -- Dawn -- , the confession -- Paul -- , and the blush -- Dawn -- . To be honest it seems to me like the only that Dawn blushed is because she didn't want anyone to think that there is anything going on between herself and Paul.

But unfortunately this guy noticed it.

I'm talking about the blond guy (aka Barry) (via filb)


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