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Moments Btwn Them Season 10

Different Strokes for Different Blokes!

Remember when you get that feeling of butterflies when you look at someone new and cute, the only thought in your mind is, "Boy is he cute!" Well that's probably what Dawn is experiencing right now as she watches Paul effortlessly catch that mighty Ursaring with only one pokemon. And she even voiced out her joy, "Wow, Ursaring just got caught!"

Sounds like this is love at first catch. ;)


A Gruff Act to Follow!

It is the famous ikarishipping scene that started it all (at least for me). The one where Dawn nearly lunged herself on Paul all for a simple incident: he forgot her name. Its not a normal reaction for anyone I mean they only just met right? No! According to Dawn, she and Paul have met long before this.

I think she's referring to this (will provide screenshot) when Ash battled Paul for the first time and also to this when Paul captured his Ursaring. Up until this episode I'm pretty sure Paul never acknowledge Dawn until now which was why to him this was their first meeting (sorry Paul you're wrong on this one). But Dawn clearly remembered him from a few weeks ago because she watched his battle with Ash.

This definitely shows something about Dawn -- that she already took notice on Paul (hint, hint) -- and Paul -- who will now remember her name because Dawn literally screamed it at his face (fanfic influences).


Later into the episode when Ash was battling Roark and clearly losing, Paul gets up. Dawn looks up (and she's the only one) because she immediately noticed it. -- is it me or is she getting pretty worked up about Paul (again, hint!)?  


A Maze-ing Race!

Dawn, lost in a maze until she stumbles upon Paul. Paul, focusing all his attention on capturing a fearow until Dawn calls out his name. It starts out calmly, like a storm beginning to brew. But when Dawn questions where her friends were jealousy reared its ugly head for the first time in Paul. He cuts off most of their interaction by quickly stating, "Hmpf. Not you too."

To which she replied, "Pardon me for living. Bye." and then left.


Tag! We're It!

"When two people meet, something is born." -- Paul

Paul reciting poety?! Well its more of a line from an ancient text. And let just say that as he says this he is looking straight at Dawn. Any idea why? Well it could be a reference for two things: a poem found at the bottom of Solaceon Ruins and a possible hint at ikari. That's all I'm saying. ;)


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