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Paul/Dawn } Dawn

Dawn/Hikari (Jap.)


Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Dark Blue
Family: Johanna (mother)
Hometown: Twinleaf Town
Voiced by: Emily Jenness (english), Megumi Toyoguchi (japanese)


Dawn (via photobucket)


Dawn might seem like a happy-go-lucky type of person (which she probably is), but there's more to her than meets the eye. -- it is probably a known fact that Dawn cares about her appearance, most specifically her hair. -- She is more superficial than previous female characters (I'm guessing this was because of her fear with Plusle and Minum?)

She is inspired, by the most influential person in her whole life, her mom, Joana, to become the greatest coordinator the world has ever known. But she has a big road to conquer. So for luck her mother gave Dawn her first ribbon (it is said that the ribbon is supposed to bring good luck -- I want that ribbon!).

Yet to conquer a dream you also must know the ins and outs. This includes fashion (because that's what Pokemon contests are all about), tricks (by this a combination of pokemon moves to make a dazzling effect), and battling skills (which Dawn has yet to learn). Eventually she succeeds all of this to achieve her goal. :D

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