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Paul/Dawn } Paul

Paul/Shinji (Jap.)


Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Purple
Family: Reggie (brother)
Hometown: Veilstone City
Voiced by: Julián Rebolledo (english), Kiyotaka Furushima (japanese)


Paul (via pokemonmillennium)


He is the one where you could find in an ally waiting to ambush you. Nah I'm just kidding. What he really is an overchiever and would do nothing less to achieve it, even if is rude to his pokemon or other trainers. Yea, that's pretty much the first impression you would get when you see him for the first time. He has a good reason for it too.

You see it was his brother's first loss that triggered this (Reggie lost to Brandon, the Pyramid King) and the action that his brother took afterwards (Reggie became a breeder). So Paul made a commitment that he will not make the same mistake that his brother had made, that he will become stronger, and will do anything to achieve it (hence the earlier statement).

His method of training of his pokemon is sort of like a drill camp where he would make them battle until they have perfected or learned a new move. Before he decides to keep a pokemon on his team he even measures how good they are by scanning them on his pokedex -- if they are strong he will keep them, but if they are weak then they are released.

Yet Paul is not that bad. I mean he is definitely polite (to elders) and even considerate to Brock and Dawn (in his mind they don't matter), but to Ash he is definitely rude. Why? The reason is because Ash is simply irritates him; the way they raise their pokemon is completely different. So it all leads to a bitter rivalry between Paul and Ash. Paul is in the lead for most of the series until he finally gets defeated by Ash (the usual plot in a pokemon series).

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