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The only way you could have possibly heard of Ikarishipping is probably after you have watched "A Gruff Act To Follow", an episode where the famous Ikari scene happened. -- you'll know what I'm talking about for those of you that have watched it. But for those of you that don't, allow me to explain Ikarishipping, briefly (anyways this is still the introduction).

If you have heard of Pokemon than surely you must be familiar with the romantic reference to Ash and Misty, right? The moments between the two bickering friends that clearly point to an emphasis on hidden feelings. Or how about the romantic inspiration of Drew and May when it was clear that May really did have feelings for Drew when she followed him into Johto? Well that's just how it had developed with Paul and Dawn, though I must admit on a smaller scale.

If in your understanding you don't seem to understand what I am meaning to say or that you clearly know what I'm about to do or say and would really hate if I were to go any further, then I suggest you leave. Let me just get this out of my system: "I as a pokeshipper (ash/misty) and as a contestshipper (drew/may) support the romantic notion of paul/dawn (aka ikarishipping)." No one can stop me (cue creepy music and insane laughter)!

For those of you that are willing to continue and like the idea then please be my guests and explore! :3


If you are still interested in the topic of what I am about to discuss then be my guess and continue onwards, but if you hate the mere idea of them together then I suggest you leave. Flames will not be tolerated while this girl is still alive and kicking!

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