Merlin and Arthur




Have you ever heard of Camelot? You know the story of an old wizard named Merlin who decides to tutor Arthur for his destiny as the "Once and Future King"? How about the old movie called the "The Sword in the Stone" or "Quest for Camelot"? Never heard of the novel called the "Once and Future King"? If you said no then you my friends have been missing a great deal of the story!

Why it is a story that can be retold from generation to generation. I'll give you a brief summary before I go any further.

Arthur, known as the Wart, is but a mere servant boy. Then one day while out in the woods he meets an old wizard named Merlin. Merlin sees great potential in Arthur and decides to train him hoping that one day Arthur will become a good king. Arthur, as an adult, fulfills this future when he pulls out a sword known as Excalibur. With the guidance of Merlin, Arthur creates the Knights of the Round Table and rules Camelot with his queen, Guinevere, at his side.

There you have it, a brief summary of the Arthurian Legend. But that's not what were to talk about. The picture above is an indication of what I am about to discuss. I like the idea of Merlin/Arthur, together, as a couple. And no one can stop me from talking about it because it is just that good. :3


If you are still interested in the topic of what I am about to discuss then be my guess and continue onwards, but if you hate the mere idea of them together then I suggest you leave. Flames will not be tolerated while this girl is still alive and kicking!

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