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Fic Recs U-Z

Recs are organized alphabetically by title.

+ = newly added since last update

* = personal favorite


Under the Guise of Friendship, by ladyfrompoland

Merlin and Arthur love each other, however they prefer to pretend that there's only a friendship between them. It hurts them less. But the destiny knows better...


Unnecessary Confessions, by llama1412

Modern!AU. Arthur has to tell Uther about his relationship with Merlin.


Waiting for the Sun, by anonymous

None provided.  Merlin is cursed so that wherever he goes he brings with him storms, rain, and flood.  Arthur is cursed so that wherever he goes he brings with him droughts.  So what happens when the two of them meet?


+Wanting by thecheekydragon
When Morgana must go on a three-month business trip, she asks her cousin Arthur Pendragon to 'keep an eye' on her sixteen year old adoptive brother, Merlin.


Weave the sunlight, by anonymous

In which Arthur is the least romantic romance novelist in the world, and Merlin is the only person who can cure his writers' block. Arthur keeps losing control of his feet, and Merlin refuses be wooed by witticisms alone--much to Arthur's chagrin


We Can Fall (But the Fall Won't Hurt Us), by glimmergirl

No summary.


*Wedding Daze, by kathkin

In Which Morgana is annoying, Sophia is a back-stabbing gold-digger, Arthur is confused, and Merlin is madly in love with him (no accounting for taste).


We Go Together, by exoticrooftile

No summary.


What Child Is This, by lamardeuse

No summary.


*What Do You Want - An Adorable Pancreas?, by casualtheatrics

Merlin only has one leg and his friends get him a male prostitute (Arthur) to show him a good time thinking Merlin will never be able to have a relationship due to his disability. Except that Arthur kind of falls in love.


What we are, what we will be, by pixieblues

No summary.


What You Don't Know, by adeina-rhyddha

Arthur doesn't talk about his feelings, and so Morgana helps him find a way to express himself.


When the music changes, so does the dance, by giselleslash

The boys are in high school and the winter dance is coming up. Arthur thinks he should school Merlin in the fine art of the waltz and Merlin just wants to make it through it all without succumbing to teenage angst, after school detention and Christmas dinner at the Pendragons.


*With All That I Am, by lasvegas-lights

Merlin and Arthur live two different lives, one in the basement, the other on the top floor. It's up to Arthur to teach Merlin it's okay to ask for help and for Merlin to teach Arthur there's more to life than money.


*Within Your Heart, by rose-walker22

Merlin is pretty. Arthur is not. Uther is evil and Morgana… all I can say is sorry. I love Morgana, I really do.


*With Stars In Their Eyes, by alba17

In which Merlin plays the guitar, Arthur wears eyeliner, and everybody wants to get famous by winning You’re The Voice.


You're Keeping Secrets On Your Pillow, by imyourheroine

It starts with a brave gesture of someone slipping him a number and it ends with a brave gesture of accepting who he is. Where Merlin is a waiter, Arthur is in the closet, and the gang bets on the sexuality of strangers.


You're on Solid Ground, by thisissirius

Merlin and Arthur are university classmates and former boyfriends. Nothing's right anymore but Arthur's trying and Merlin's willing to let him.


Yours, by alcetis

The boys have been writing to each other ever since their respective classes participated in a pen pal project when they were in primary school. Perhaps, now all grown up, they finally get the chance to meet?


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