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Paging Dr. Emrys, by vix-spes

After four years at Avalon Hospital, Merlin Emrys has been promoted to head paediatrician. Everything is going wonderfully. Now, his boyfriend, Arthur Pendragon, has a surprise for him. What could it be?


Palm to Palm, by jasmasson

Merlin's lyrics probably aren't as good as Shakespeare's verses, but then Arthur's no Romeo.


Partners in (Fighting) Crime, by toestastegood

While he is busy fighting crime, Arthur finds himself rescued by a new superhero who calls himself 'Merlin'. With a disappointing costume and irritating name, Arthur is sure he won't be around for long.


*Pick Up Where We Left Off, by lachatblanche

Arthur uses some rather cheesy pick up lines on the new object of his affection - Merlin.


Pretty Boys, by pianeko

The first time it happened Arthur was eight, and sitting in his school auditorium waiting for the performance of the school drama club.


"Princes, Priestesses, Lords and Ladies", by dentedsky

The king of dragonlords has come to Camelot to sign the peace treaty. There’s a royal banquet, a royal duel, a royal betrothal and in Prince Merlin’s honest opinion, Prince Arthur is a royal pain. All goes wrong when Prince Arthur accidently proposes to Prince Merlin and, due to an ancient law, the betrothal becomes binding.


Pros and Cons, by ravenflight21

Arthur decides the only way to cure his heartache is to marry right away. But the bride's family are a bit dubious about Merlin.


*Puppy-dog Persistance, by lcacbc

When Arthur finds out that his one-night stand is only 17 years old, he does everything in his power to forget about it. But unfortunately, Merlin has other ideas, and just will not leave him alone.


Quickening Days, by mercurial-wit

Merlin are trapped in a Groundhog's Day loop and have to break themselves out of it. This is fantastic story with great dialogue, lots of fun and a fantastic serious to fun ratio.


Radiant Under Every Sort of Light, by zarah5

Just your everyday Circus AU. Or: In which there are aerialists, decorative metal flowers, prejudices, artsy books and magic. Obviously.


Rediscovering the Familiar, by rebeccaann08

Arthur's new at school, and he's a jock, so he probably shouldn't be seen hanging around with nerds like Merlin. Right?


Repeal, by vix-spes

The aftermath of Uther's death and Arthur's coronation leads to more than a few changes.


*Resolution Rush, by fuzzytomato02

As a New Year's Resolution, Merlin and Gwen set forth on a year long journey to have one new experience per month. Along the way, they meet Arthur, Lance, Leon and Morgana.


*Reversal of Fortune, by srin

Wherein Arthur is not the rich boss, and Merlin is not the assistant. (Modern au.)


Rinse, Lather, Repeat, by leashy-bebes

Crumble fic under running water, and be sure to suspend disbelief before bathing. An epic tale of awkwardness, daft boys, and love as expressed through bathing products


Round Table Dining Hall, by pasty-pants

After an already bad day, Merlin gets stuck in the dish room at Round Table dining hall.


Set Upon The Western Ways, by xaritomene

Arthur's just had a bad break up - he just wants to drink himself into forgetfulness. He's really not expecting to drink himself into remembrance. Modern!AU


*Shapes in the Stars, by dreamdustmama

The summer Arthur turns sixteen he meets a boy named Merlin, and falls in love.


Sharp, by b-c-draygon

In the middle of an argument, Arthur reveals something he never expected to.


*Should You Choose to Accept It, by rurounihime

It started out as a little practice. Of course, at twelve years old, everything seemed that simple.


Sir Cupid of Camelot, by a8c-sock

Nothing in Sir Leon's training could have prepared him for meeting a naked man with a bow and wings in the forest.


Small Town Mechanics, by fuzzytomato02

And that’s how he ended up here. Emotionally and physically fatigued, and being driven down the main street of the smallest town he’d ever seen (having just gone through the town’s stoplight) with his companion prattling on about anything and everything, stopping every so often so he could yell out the window at random people.


*Smitten, by chicaintchea

AU; When Merlin, a demon, and Arthur, an angel, meet in Vegas and wake up married, all Hell breaks loose.


*So Homo, by quarterwhore

Modern AU, Arthur and Merlin are in a committed relationship, but it's not widely known because Arthur is having a hard time coming out to those not in his inner circle. One day while in a social setting, one of Arthur's friends/frenemies follows up a comment with "no homo*." Arthur outs himself to a large group of people in the process of telling the arsehole off for being ignorant.


Something more than this desperation, by anonymous

Arthur's adventures through (a) internet dating and (b) love.


*Something New, Something Blue, by snowblood7

Arthur tries to hire a hot girl as an escort for Lance and Gwen's wedding but he accidentally ends up with Merlin instead


Song of the Sea, by stage-longsama

When Uther receives a mermaid as a gift, her presence in Camelot strains Merlin and Arthur's rapidly changing relationship.


Starting Over, by zafra

Arthur and Merlin have been in a secret relationship for a couple of years. Merlin watches their friends share kisses and hold hands, while he has to ignore Arthur by his side. One day after arguing with Arthur, he shouts that Arthur is gay in front of their friends, and Arthur in a moment of rage punches him...


Stop telephoning me, by lunadeath02

Merlin only wants to have a good time at the club, but his clingy boyfriend keeps calling him (he's kind of busy dancing, drinking, and being flirted with by a handsome blond).


Stretching Wistful Hands, by a8c-sock

Merlin had a great destiny with Arthur but he also had the great responsibility of fatherhood.


Tail of Two Kitties, The, by stuckinspokane

Morgana believes that her pet needs a friend. Thus: Arthur.


Talented Fingers, by aerisaturner

Merlin loved proving Officer Arthur Pendragon wrong.


Teenage Boys Call It 'Soul-Bonding', by onelittlesleep

Reincarnationfic! Teenage boys on a swim team, with soul bonds. Maybe.


Ten Days of Perfect Tunes, by chicaintcheap

There’s an instant attraction between Arthur and Merlin when they meet at a wedding – an attraction that doesn’t ebb even after they find out that it’s their parents who got married.


The Bewitched Frog, by cat-sdgirl

"How had he ended up in this situation? Merlin didn't have a clue, but he always seemed to be finding some trouble and most of the time was Arthur's fault." - Arthur as a frog *grins*


*The Big Secret Gay Love Affair, by r2003lt

The one where an incompetent sales assistant and his gorgeous manager have to hide their relationship from the world. Because Arthur’s an insecure prat sometimes. Cue the clichés.


The Christmas Surprise, by dk323

Arthur, Merlin and Morgana have been reincarnated as Christmas decorations. It's not always so merry, but Merlin tries to make the best of it in the end.


The Continuous Flow of Merlin and Arthur. The Canine Edition., by rotrude

Uther Pendragon adopts a new pet, a Golden Retriever puppy. Or Arthur and Merlin get reincarnated as dogs. (Unabashedly silly.)


THE ESCORT, by thecheekydragon

After his big breakup with Will, Gwen convinces Merlin to hire an escort to accompany him to a banquet.


*The Hardest Way Possible, by lady-ragnell

Merlin's addicted to Craigslist, Arthur's looking for love in all the wrong places, and with a little help from their friends, they manage to get it together.


*The Hawk Prince, by reona

An evil Queen has taken over the Kingdom of Avalon and imprisoned Prince Merlin. Prince Arthur of Camelot happens across the manor where he is trapped and vows to free him and defeat the evil Queen before she destroys them all.


The Heart of a Prince, by lilithbint

Once upon a time there was a prince so loved by his father that when he died his father erected a beautiful statue of him to watch over the city. The Prince did not know how charmed his life had been until a swallow stopped over on his way south and decided to stay.


*The House Sitter, by stuckinspokane

Morgana asks Gwen a favor. Watch over Merlin and Arthur for her while she's away.


*The Job Interview from Hell, by winterstorrm

On the TV show 'The Apprentice' Merlin is a candidate, Sir Uther is mean and Arthur is his boardroom assistant. Will Merlin make it through the twelve weeks without hearing the immortal words, 'You're fired’?  Is he playing to win the job or Arthur's heart?


The Kidnapping of the Office Stapler, by squarebrain

Winter snow leaves a number of drivers stranded on the motorway. Desperate and half-frozen, Merlin ends up sharing a car with his worst enemy, Arthur, the stapler-stealing flash son of the boss at the Publishing House he’s temping in.


*The Knights Discontent, by rotrude

A few green knights, eager to suck up to Arthur, are jealous of the relationship between Merlin and Arthur, as well as the liberties that Merlin takes with Arthur (calling him by his first name, ignoring propriety, etc). In order to knock Merlin down a peg, they bully him.


*The Language of Beasts, by gold_macaw

A young wizard's apprentice acquires the art of communicating with animals. This skill proves useful when he seeks to become the lover of a proud and conceited prince.


The Language of Courtly Love, by winged_dreams

Merlin has a secret admirer.


The Light Of Hidden Things, by casualtheatrics

This is the sequel to Between The Shadow and The Soul.


The Little Boy Who Wasn't A Merman, by icequeenrex

Arthur is Prince of the underwater city of Camelot. He's also a merman. Merlin is his manservant who follows Arthur into the thick of danger and then back again. He's not a merman.


The littlest Pendragon, by renrenren3

Modern AU. Arthur hasn't seen or talked to his father in five years. He goes to visit him in his office to introduce him to his and Merlin's adopted daughter.


The Lure Would Prove Too Much, by minor-hue

In which Arthur fucks Merlin for a hazing ritual (and then there is talk about wallpaper).


The Magic Box, by a8c-sock

When Merlin was little he had a magic box and if he was very good he could wish for things.


*The Nurse's Visitor, by slightlytookish

Uther Pendragon, in an effort to boost his political image, funds a new wing at a children's hospital. He sends Arthur through every month to make an appearance at the hospital, shake hands, kiss babies, and check to see that his obscenely large portrait in the hall is properly lit. On one such occasion, Arthur has a mishap and is mildly hurt (bump on the head, scrape, particularly bad hangnail, etc). Merlin is the male nurse that helps to patch him up (and gives him an Iron Man bandaid). Suddenly those monthly visits have a lot more appeal.


The Oak and the Aspen, by merlinsgeekyfan

“In one field is a horse, tied with a long tether to a tree. Arthur sometimes sees someone playing with the horse. Arthur decides that one day he’ll climb over the stone wall, and walk through the fields to see the horse and the little someone.”


The Office Christmas Party, by social-retard86

AU. Merlin is no ordinary intern and while his crush on Arthur isn't surprising, Arthur's crush on him is.


The One Where Arthur Models for Romance Novels, by misswinterhill

Arthur Pendragon’s new book was due in sometime this week; the spoilers online had been a little vague and the cover art frustratingly fuzzy, especially when he clicked on it to enlarge it, but Merlin knew that it was coming and he wanted it.


*The One Where Merlin Dances Ballet, by misswinterhill

Arthur wanted to spit the coffee out and say something wonderful and perfect like people in romantic movies said, all deep and shit, but he was Arthur and he was awkward when it came to emotions, and so he just ended up with the rather unpleasant feeling of coffee trying to back its way up into his nose.


The One Where Merlin Goes To Princess School, by mcgooglykins

No summary.


+The Other Side of Every Fear by a8c-sock
For so long Arthur has been alone, leading a cursed life. Now fate has brought Merlin to his door.


*The Perils of Merlin: The Prat Magnet, by lachatblanche

Modern AU. Both Arthur and Will fight for Merlin's affections. Their attempts vary from sweet to desperate to embarrassing. Merlin is completely aware and doesn't know how to deal.


The Prince and his Catservant, by wicked_mix

When Arthur’s mouth gets him in trouble with a psychotic faerie, it’s Merlin that has to save him from himself again. Will either of them be able to cope with Merlin’s new situation – and will they be able to reverse it?


The Right Motivation, by leashy-bebes

Merlin might only be twenty four but he's already starting to doubt that 'adults' is the right collective noun for a room of eighteen year olds (most days he favours 'headache'). Maybe one or two of them think he's cool, but even twenty four adoring students couldn't have made it okay when number twenty five was Arthur bloody Pendragon.


These Aren’t My Toys (I Just Play With Them), by misswinterhill

Toys have only a few duties in life — to love their child, to look after each other, and to play along, no matter what happens. Merlin is the newest Camelot Collectable in Johnny’s collection, and in between navigating the hoover, an invading army and the Thing under the bed, he falls in love with the other half of his limited edition run.


These Boots Were Made For..., by anonymous

Modern AU. When Merlin looses a bet to Morgana, she gets to decide what he wears to the office Christmas party. Funny. Arthur never even thought the sight of Merlin dressed as Mrs. Claus would do anything for him, but you learn something new every day.



The Sleeping Prince, by gooddreaming

Merlin has always loved reading fairytales. Then one day he wakes up and finds himself in one.


The Sound of Merlin, by nyargles

Merlin is sent by his temping agency to work for Captain Pendragon, and ends up far more involved than is professionally suitable.


The star to every wandering bark, by gegledan

When Uther arranges his son's marriage, Arthur discovers his intended spouse is not only a sorcerer but a man. This is a bit of shock for straight Prince Arthur - and no less of a shock for his fiancé, straight Prince Merlin of Cenredia.


The Tale of Ob and Re, by sebastiansais

Merlin must make a great sacrifice in order to ensure the success of humankind. Canon AU.


The Twin Thrones, by eosrose

While visiting a neighboring kingdom for peace negotiations on behalf of King Uther, Arthur finds his attempts to seduce Merlin thwarted at every turn. Hiding in the wardrobe seemed like a good idea at the time.


The Wheels on the Bus, by alora

Modern!AU Merlin/Arthur, they get the same bus to work every day and never talk, but they sort of fall in love.


The Worst Day of the Year, by hermitknut

Arthur has never really enjoyed his birthdays.


*The Wrong Trouser-Leg of Time, kathkin

Arthur thinks the space-time continuum is messing with him, but perhaps it's actually making things the way they're meant to be.


+Things Fall Apart by frantic_allonsy
Summary: Merlin Emrys, a graduate student in the creative writing programme at Camelot University, really, completely, seriously hates his poetry professor and does not love him even slightly.


Third time's lucky, by glimmergirl

Arthur was twenty years old the first time he'd turned down Merlin's offer of marriage.


This Fast, Unreasonable Spring, by i-claudia

Merlin was looking for something uncomplicated. Arthur was just looking to get paid. Neither of them expected to find the other.


*This is my Stop, by r2003lt

Five times Arthur and Merlin catch the train.


This Kitten (confuses me), by stuckinspokane

Merlin and Arthur bring home a kitten. This results in a trip to see Vet!Gaius.


Those nights belonged to us, by commen-sense

It starts in kindergarten with a watch, Merlin's ears and a cookie.


Time is Your Sandbox, by clevermonikerr

Merlin and Arthur fall in love, but not in the right order.


*Time, Truth, and Hearts, by ann7x

Genderswap canon!AU. At twelve years old, Prince Arthur of Camelot is betrothed to Princess Merlin of Ealdor.


*Time Waits for Nothing, by corvus-noir

Film Prompt: 13 Going On 30


*Tis a Pity He's a Whore, by xaritomene

Arthur is a rich business man - Merlin is the down-on-his-luck hooker he picks up almost by accident one night. Things Happen between them - and not just the things Arthur paid for.


To Be Worthy of Merlin's Books and Bed, by bananahater336

It all started with a drunken game of Twister. It could only go up from there.


Together Always, by writerofshadows

AU Highschool. Merlin is at the bottom of the social ladder - his only saving grace that he's tutoring THE Arthur Pendragon. But he didnt expect Alvar to go that far - just like he didn't expect to recieve his own knight in shining armour...

To the Ends of the Earth, by katie-the-sith

What if Merlin and Arthur were reincarnated but had no memories of their past? Merlin's an abandoned child in foster care and Arthur's the boy who has everything. Serendipity brings these two together.


*To the Syntax of Things, by suntipped

Arthur/Merlin, first kiss in the toilet of the school. Denial as usual.


Tree of Life, by jayeinacross

"Arthur doesn’t know why he ends up here all the time, but he does anyway, with barely a thought to it."


Two years, five months, three weeks, four days, by burntotears

No summary.


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