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King of the playground, by pixieblues

In which Arthur is athletic, Merlin doesn’t know how to define his sexuality, Sophia likes water parks, and the boys live happily ever after. Obviously.


King of the Roost, by lunadeath02

Arthur Pendragon, the cock of the walk, enjoys tormenting/teasing Merlin Emrys. He bullies Merlin into being his personal "attendant" so that he has an excuse to hang around Merlin. Heaven forbid he actually wants to be around the bookworm out of his own free will! Then, Arthur's position as top dog gets challenged by someone whom Arthur thought was a friend. Merlin just wants to be left alone and read classic literature.


Kings Don't Always Need Advice, by mariamme

“Uther Pendragon is an elitist old fool,” Her Highness said sharply, sighing in anger.  “But he has a point.  So long as the law stands, you are required to comply, or the crown will be forfeit.”

“To Uther?” Merlin said, shocked.

“No, no, don’t be foolish.”  Grandmother gave an impatient wave of her hand.  “Have your history lessons taught you nothing?  He has no more claim to the throne than most commoners, despite what he likes to think.” 

“But unfortunately, his nephew does, through an indiscreet relationship between your father’s first cousin Igraine and Uther’s late brother.  If you were forced to abdicate for any reason, his genetic claim, bastardized though it may be, places Uther’s nephew directly in the line of succession.”


Kiss and (Don't) Tell, by bekkis

Arthur and Merlin go to boarding school, and they hate each other. A lot. Modern AU.


Learning to let the magic shine, by ca_te

Merlin is a young warlock living in Ealdor and having some sort of relationship with his life long friend Will. He has always dream to go to Camelot, but since he has discovered his magic his mother thought that it would have been safer to keep him in Ealdor, considering King Uther's hate for magic.

Arthur runs away from Camelot and arrives in Ealdor disguised as a peasant,under the name of Alistair. When they meet Merlin's magic starts to act strange. Something starts to blossom between them, but more revelations are yet to come. And what will happen when Arthur has to go back to Camelot?


Lemon Meringue, by adelagia

Arthur exiles Merlin for his own safety, but even from afar Merlin manages to make his presence felt anyway.


Lessons in Domesticity, by vix-spes

AU. 18year old Arthur Pendragon wants to make this Valentine’s Day really special for his boyfriend Merlin so he ropes in Merlin’s mum Hunith to teach him how to cook.


Let Down Your Hair, by adeina-rhyddha

Uther sends Arthur out to Rescue a Princess, but Arthur finds the Princess is not at all what he expected. 


Like Diamonds, by stuckinspokane

Arthur is a vampire... of the sparkling and completely ridiculous sort. Merlin does not appreciate being watched in the middle of the knight, and Arthur isn't all that fond of the sparkling.


Like Grabbing My Heart and Taking My Breath, by pandatwirls

Arthur/Merlin modern!au Merlin has severe asthma and always ends up with breathing difficulties when he looks at Arthur, is around Arthur, is kissing Arthur etc. Inhaler use a must.


Lines and Boundaries, by toestastegood

After working for Arthur for over a year, Merlin finds that his favourite client is starting to confuse work and reality.


Lions and Pebbles and Penguins, Oh my!, by fuzzytomato02

Arthur and Merlin as penguins, based on this article w/c is basically about 2 male penguins who paired off and raised an egg successfully.


Looking For Things No One Else Catches, by slightlytookish

It was just after midnight on a Sunday in June. Merlin's life was about to change forever, but he didn't know it yet. Arthur/Merlin slash. Modern-day AU.


*Lord Drake's Bequest, by pennyplainknits

Arthur needs to marry to take control of Tintagel Distribution. Fortunately he knows the right man for the job.


Love, by shesakicker

World of Warcraft. Arthur and Merlin meet in-game.


Love Letters, by lasvegas-lights

Merlin is not a stalker. He doesn't own a pair of binoculars and he's never rummaged through someone else's rubbish. But there's something about the blonde across the street that makes him want to do that and more. Luckily Merlin finds the one man who finds it endearing.


Love Like Quicksilver, by coeur-de-ma-vie

No summary.


Love Potion Number Nine, by forzadeldestino

Merlin makes a love potion for a nervous young knight and his apprehensive bride. Mayhem ensues when several others also help themselves to the brew. Comedy/drama/romance with just a little angst before the end.


Love, Toast, and Post-It Notes, by themadlurker

It was love at first sight, and Merlin knew it - when it came to the flat, that was. Merlin wasn't anything like as clear about the man he was going to have to live with.


Mardi Gras Crystal Ball, by phunkthisnoise

Arthur absolutely does not giggle. Nor does he believe in destiny, but tell that to the weird, big-eared fortune teller he meets at Mardi Gras.


Marriage Is What You Make It, by writteninhaste

High School AU. They say happiness in marriage is purely chance - that it can occur, if you're married to someone good. But what happens when your marriage is the result of a school project and you didn't get a say in choosing your spouse?


Master Shot (The Longer Version), by rotrude

There was once a ficlet I wrote for ras_elased's kiss meme. You can find the kiss meme HERE. Then I wrote what came before and after; that is, Arthur Pendragon and Merlin Emrys are actors who get cast in director's Jonathan Drake new film, a war drama that is being marketed as Pearl Harbor meets Brokeback. The only problem is that while they play lovers on screen, with plenty of steamy scenes serving as proof of their fictional feelings, in reality they dislike each other.


Memories, by shadowglove

Merlin is tired of the centuries in between reincarnations in which he's so alone, so he stops looking for Arthur. And yet Arthur comes back into his life, and even without his memories, Prince Arthur is playing for keeps.


Merlinella, by xaritomene

Merlin, Gwen and Morgana have been "apprenticed" by Nimueh, but when Merlin falls into her bad books, he has to work as a servant in a house where he was previously a favoured member of the household. When Merlin hears of Nimueh's plan to enact some kind of revenge on the King through the King's son, he does everything he can to make sure this prince stays safe. Even if that does mean appearing the these balls as a girl and disappearing at midnight...


Merlin the cat, by gal-znai

Merlin messes around with a spell and turns himself into a cat...


Midwinter, by aleathiel

Merlin needs a Midwinter gift for Arthur. Arthur needs a Midwinter gift for Merlin.


Misunderstandings and Traps, by carolina-28

Merlin is a high school student, best friends with Morgana, and confused regarding a certain head boy.


*Mother's Day, by caitcupcake

Mother's Day is hard for the young prince of Camelot, especially seeing as how it's on his birthday.


Moving In, by musicnlyrics37

Arthur and Merlin are moving in together…


*My Brother's Keeper, by eosrose

In which Arthur plays sick, Merlin lies, little Morgie glares, and the McLeod family sans two goes on vacation. It's been a while since Merlin and Arthur were able to steal some time alone.


*My Fair Arty, by rogueandkurt

In which Uther and Gaius are old, Arthur's oblivious, Merlin's ears are huge, Morgana and Gwen flirt a lot, and they're all party to the biggest scam in history.


*My Life is an American Sitcom, by ayane-tsurugi

Two secret relationships + one flat = a good dose of hilarity and a little bit of drama.


My love for you is deeper than the ocean, by rose-walker22

Merlin can’t keep hold of a relationship no matter what he tries and then Arthur pretty much lands in his lap. But there is something very fishy about the handsome blond.


Natural Selection, by minor-hue

In which Arthur goes on blind dates, Merlin is his waiter, and everyone takes a ride on the crazy train.


Never Forget This Moment, by needed-beauty

Just a short fic about Merlin and Arthur going on a vacation.


New In Town, by alba17

A new servant learns just how close Merlin is to the prince


No Business Like Show Business, by lady-ragnell

In which Merlin is promoted from production intern to talent, is easily mortified, and has Post-It arguments with Arthur while the art department watches in glee. Also, there are gay dragons.


No Ordinary Groupie, by toestastegood

As an up and coming rock star, Arthur Pendragon is used to having people fall at his feet - and Merlin, a thoroughly unimpressed technician, is the only one willing to put him back in his place.


Not an Act, But a Habit, by mellacita

Arthur is a spoiled university student. After one transgression too many, Arthur's father makes him spend a night at a hostel for homeless youth to give him a reality check. While there, he meets a tough-talking kid who is more than he seems. In spite of themselves, they become inseparable.


Not a Word Beyond, by ravenflight21

Arthur Pendragon is good-looking, athletic and from an excellent family – everything he needs for a conventional, successful life. He gradually realises, however, he’s attracted to his own sex, and the discovery turns his world upside down.


Numbers and Figures, by planejane

Arthur/Merlin, Modern AU, Uther is violent at home and Arthur has to hide the bruises in school. New pupil Merlin sees through his popular bullshit at once and discovers the truth.


Of Esssays and Destiny, by dracosoftie

When Arthur’s English Literature essay tanks, thus endangering his further stay at Oriel College, Oxford, he’s given an option. D. Phil student Merlin Emrys is to tutor him. What a reluctant Arthur hasn’t reckoned with is his budding attraction to his new tutor.


Of Frogs, Wizards, and Kings, by angelike riddle

Merlin finds his exile somewhat lonesome. One day he brings home a friend from the nearby pond.


Of Knights and Wizards, by vix-spes

The first meeting of Arthur Pendragon and Merlin Emrys on Merlin’s first day at playgroup.


Of Pandas and Poltergeists, by kathkin

Modern AU. Arthur is a ghost.


Of Princes, Brides, and Fairytale Kisses, by lynnyliz

So maybe Merlin had a thing for fairytales, romance novels, and god-like football players. And maybe the whole school had finally figured that out. But high school drama could never catch up with him at the library... Right?


*Oh Summer Days, by redpanda14

Modern AU: Merlin finds himself enrolled in the Camelot Summer Camp program. At first he believes it to be the worst summer of his life, but as the days progress he slowly finds himself wishing this summer would never end.


One day she’s going to leave us (but that day is not today), by pixieblues

Arthur never thought he would be a father.


One Paper Butterfly, by pasty-pants

At this point, a normal boyfriend would probably ask if he wanted to get married according to a custom that (hopefully) didn't count in England. Then again, the main reason Merlin liked Arthur was because he was about as far from normal as a guy could get.


One year, eight months and thirteen days, by fatal_scribbles

Arthur hasn't seen Merlin since he left, one year, eight months and thirteen days ago.


Only Fools Rush In, by thisissirius

[Harry Potter AU] Being sixteen is not as easy and some people might think, especially not when you're a sixteen year old wizard. It would be easier if Merlin wasn't nursing a horrible crush on his classmate, had friends who spent more time consoling him instead of cajoling him and he didn't feel like a horrible failure every time he picked up a wand.


*Overboard, by shiny-starlight

When single father Merlin Emerson discovers that the man who denied him thousands of dollars that was his due has gotten amnesia, he seizes his chance for revenge by pretending to be his husband. The joke is on him though when he realizes that Arthur Pennington is possibly even more wonderful that he ever could have imagined…


Ours, by heavenlyxbodies

It’s Yule, and Arthur just can’t get through to Merlin...


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