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Fame and Fortune, by melusinahp

AU set in Los Angeles, California during the 1990's. Arthur is a movie star. Merlin is a waiter. The word "prat" is used.


Fanservice, by lolafeist

Merlin, Freya and Mordred line up for the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two.  In costume.  As you do.


Fatherhood, by van-x-tango

While one of the boys is dealing with their fussy baby, the other one is listening in through the baby monitor.


*Feels Like A Cliché, by woodsgal

Merlin works as Arthur's P.A, Arthur is an editor and Merlin wants to be an editor. The only problem is that Arthur is a prat and even though he may have been kind to Merlin lately that didn't mean they could be friends, let alone anything more right?

Not according to Merlin's friends.

When they go together to a book fair things become heated and a big change happens between them whether they like it or not.


First Impressions, by helva2260

Modern AU. Five times Arthur was mistaken for a prostitute.


Five Easy Ways to Almost Kill Your Boyfriend, by writing2death

Five Easy Ways to Almost Kill Your Boyfriend - by Merlin Emrys. By accident. Well, sorta… but not really. Maybe. Okay, it won't ever happen again…


*Fly Away (Neverland), by hopenight

Arthur Darling has always been more grown up then most of his classmates. His father had made sure that such nonsense beliefs did not fill his head as a young child. Magic does not exist to Arthur. It is simply put: childish.

Merlin Panning, on the other, has always been told to grow up. His mother and best friend have always made sure to keep his innocence alive and his magic pure. Magic runs through Merlin as do stories. It is simply put: freeing.

Then the two meet. Suddenly Arthur’s world is thrown out of tilt. 


For A While, by eldee-fic

In which Merlin needs a pretend boyfriend, Arthur can’t say no, and Gwaine laughs at them both.


Forsaking All Others, by magog-83

Merlin goes home to Ealdor for two weeks and Arthur is not at all bothered by this. No really, he isn’t. Assumes kind of established relationship (as in, Arthur’s about to find out just how established it is).


For Worse or For Better, by anna-zee

Prompt for the movie, The Proposal.


Four days, three weeks, five months, two years, by burntotears

No summary.


From The Mouths of Children Come Truth, by reiya_wakayama

They say a picture has a thousand words, but unlike a picture, it’s not what is shown but what is written between the lines that is most important. Can two figures from times past read between the lines of their own history to see what is truly important?


Funfair Visit, by miss-chevalier

Merlin, Arthur and two children at a funfair.


Fur-Cape, by wordmythology

A fairy tale in Camelot. In which Uther turns into a tyrant and Arthur must flee Camelot to find safety in another kingdom and just maybe fall in love with a handsome prince of his own.


Gibraltar May Tumble, by shes-gone

Merlin's life in London is a bit of a mess: his career is trapped somewhere between student and professional, his love life is trapped in a relationship gone sour, and most days he feels physically trapped in the tiny, shared flat he can't afford to move out of—until an unexpected opportunity sends him packing for the coast. There, he meets someone who might be in a even worse fix than he is: Arthur, a Victorian-era sea captain who's trapped, a bit literally, between life and death, and who refuses to leave the house he died in over a hundred years ago.


Green Chest Monster, by ohwhimsy

Established relationship. During a stupid game, one of Arthur's friend has to kiss Merlin. He does it in a very passionate way. Arthur might want to punch the guy... ops, he does.


Green Eyes, by carolina-28

Merlin is bullied by one of Arthur's mates and takes off thinking Arthur doesn't care enough to follow.


Half Of Me, by pianeko

It has been four years since Merlin met Jethro, his twin brother. One day, he receives news about his brother’s death, and that his name was mentioned in Jethro’s will. Merlin learns that his life will never be the same again. Especially after he met Jethro’s housemate, Arthur Pendragon.


Have It All, by cat-77

It was unexpected but, after waiting this long, could never not be welcomed.


Heartbreak, Secret Friends, and Stupid Doodles, by i-know-its-0ver

Modern uni AU: Merlin has a secret crush on Arthur, who has no idea who he is. When Arthur has a bad break up, Merlin takes it upon himself to cheer him up. Secretly, of course.


Heartstrings, by hulubululu

Merlin is oblivious and Arthur has to resort to music to get his message through.


Higher Revelations, by mcgooglykins

Arthur and Merlin are both students at the Albion Conservatorium of Music, and as different as chalk and cheese. When Merlin is assigned as Arthur's accompanist for their lunch-time concerts, they must learn to work together, and slowly they discover that their dissonance is actually a perfect harmony.


How To Woo Your Manservant, by literen

When Arthur finally realizes he's hopelessly in love with Merlin, he has no idea how one is supposed to court his manservant but this won't stop him from trying. Repeatedly. Insistently. With flowers, chicken and destiny if he has to.


How We Met, by lasvegas-lights

Merlin and Arthur meet by complete accident, and when I say accident I mean Arthur accidentally runs over Merlin’s foot with his car.


I'll Be the World's Worst Possible Date, by rotrude

Arthur makes a living as "Mr. Fix It," a man who gets hired by people that have just recently been dumped by their girlfriend/boyfriend. Arthur dates the ex-girlfriend/boyfriend and becomes the worst date possible, sending the girl/boy back into his/her ex-girlfriend/boyfriend arms. But when Arthur gets hired by Lancelot to get Merlin back, Arthur, for the first time, starts falling for one of his marks.


I Miss You, by gabe1990

No Summary.


*Imprinted, by forzadeldestino

Arthur Pendragon and Merlin Emrys meet as children. As students. At uni. As young adults. At work. Hmmm. It takes a while, but destiny clearly has something in mind for them. AU slash. Complete.


*Inconvenient Gifts, by reona

Merlin is given the most inconvenient fairy gift ever but it ends up getting him the best reward.


*In Medias Res, by nahara

Arthur remembers his past life at the age of sixty-six. It's not too late to find the other side of his coin, right? (Modern AU)


*Inside the Pendragon Institute, by forzadeldestino

Arthur is Assistant Director at a museum of medieval art. Morgana's the senior curator. Lance is the armour specialist, Gwen works with tapestries and textiles. Merlin is a new employee with a reputation for quirky brilliance.


*Intended, by new_kate

"Kids have crushes on teachers all the time. It's perfectly normal."


Introducing Coach Pendragon, by vix-spes

AU. Arthur Pendragon, recent graduate of Loughborough University, returns to his hometown to take up a position as Head of PE and rugby coach at Camelot High School for Boys.


*In Which Merlin Stops Arthur's Wedding Without Actually Saying Anything, by superfletch

Merlin stops Arthur's wedding Graduate style.


I Predict a Riot, by vix-spes

Arthur’s announcement that he will be attending his leaver’s ball with Merlin leaves Uther disappointed to say the least. When his attempts at matchmaking are foiled, Arthur hopes for a nice quiet evening but things are never that simple are they?


It  begins with a single step, by gegledan

On a quest to rescue a captured princess, Merlin is forced to use his magic to assist each of the knights in turn. When it comes to saving Arthur, what will he do?


I've Got You, by adeina-rhyddha

Arthur can't keep a relationship going and keeps getting his heart broken. His step sister Morgana comes back after five years of globe trotting and Arthur tells her all about his latest heart breaks. Once he's done, Morgana points out the one thing in common with all the stories - Merlin.


Just a Naughty Boy, by tetsubinatu

Merlin is one of Santa's Elves. Arthur is on the naughty list.


Just Dance, by okydoky

Merlin’s Masters dissertation isn’t going so well and to numb his frustration at being assigned a new tutor, he needs a night out. And then he meets Arthur.


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