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References to their Behaviors

The Moans In Their Sleep

There is a saying (I think, I'm not exactly sure if its true) that if you moan a name in your sleep it could only mean two reasons:

  • You are inlove with that person
  • You sense danger approaching that person whether it be near or in a remote area (usually its the second choice)

Depending on the dream you would either be in a "heaven" (a sign that you are having a good dream) or a nightmare (indication of a bad dream; usually this happens only in the media or fiction).

Merlin and Arthur have been shown to moan the others name in their sleep at least once, both in different events. Both times one of them was sick in bed while the other seeked out a cure (or justice). The one in bed would moan the other's name because he would sense danger approaching the other. The moan is used to "encourage" the other to escape it.

On a different view the moans could be a reference to sex (this is true if determined fans were to happen to look back on the episode). The evidence is not there (no matter how hard they try), but it can be found on fanvids, such as this one.

The reality though is that Merlin and Arthur are only concerned for the other's safety. This is one of the ways that conveys their deep bond.

A fan girl can only dream, right?


Willingness To Die

Again, this is the result of their destiny that has created an unbreakable bond of brotherhood in a short amount of time. Their bond is so strong that almost always they are willing to die for the other, especially Merlin.

Merlin is willing to die for Arthur because he knows Arthur's future destiny. At first he was unwilling (only in the first episode of season one) to die for Arthur. He reasoned, how can he defend a man who hates him? Over time Merlin has shown that he is willing to defend him, whether it involves magic or not. Preserving the future after all is the most important. 

Arthur on the other hand does this for different reasons. There are two main reasons:

  • To repay Merlin for saving his life (only if he knows that Merlin saved his life)
  • To treat other people equally without the obstable of social classes 

The first reason is more true in the beginning -- at this time Arthur is only beginning to do the right thing. The second reason is developed over time by the guidance and urgence from both Gwen and Merlin.


Fussing Over The Other

It is written clearly between their actions and is easily seen by viewers (or in this case the fans). Merlin is doing chores such as washing/drying Arthur's clothes or is bringing him meals much like a housewife would. Arthur is bossing him around and is constantly criticizing his every move -- a sort of manly way to show that he cares (aww...). In friendship based relationships this is beyond the norm and would either indicate that the pair is either a couple or is happily inlove and is married.

Not so my friends. Those two only have a relationship of a master and a servant. But then why are they fussing over the other over such small issues? Well it could be a way to show that they care (couples often do that, if they don't then that means they don't care). Or Merlin is simply doing his chores (like he's supposed to do) and Arthur is just being lazy and bossy (like he is every day). Either way, no matter how you look at it, one thing is for certain: those two are so married. :3

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