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References to the Gay Subtext


Its the subtle sign of flirtation that is easily made by eye contact. It is a subtle move that can easily be expressed between two individuals. It could be sign of hostility (such as heated glares), a blank stare, or a sign of chemistry that could possibly lead to something more (it depends on the two people that are involved and those who are watching it). In the case between Merlin and Arthur the connection is undeniable.

"Look at the eye contact between you too!" -- Jeremy 

If he could see it then there are probably others that can see it too. This my friends could only mean one thing: the bond between Merlin and Arthur can clearly be seen through their constant eyesex!


Dressing Arthur

The way they live and behave around the other indicates that they are a married couple rathen than simply a master and servant. I mean think about it.

  • Arthur is only half-naked around Merlin
  • Merlin is there to dress him up (whether it be for tournaments or simple events)

I know what you're thinking: Arthur is just bossing Merlin around like he normally does and Merlin is simply doing as he's told (although begrudgingly). You mean to say Arthur is casual enough to walk half-naked around his handsome manservant throughout the whole series?! Yes and no. Yes because Arthur is a prat and no because he only does it around Merlin. I mean does he even do it around Gwen? No (at least not yet)!


Meeting the Parents

I am not referring to Uther and Hunith. Rather I am referring to Igraine and Balinor, the lost single parents of Merlin and Arthur. Do you remember the episode when Arthur met Igraine for the first time and Merlin was there with him? Or how about the episode when Merlin met Balinor for the firtst time and Arthur was there with him? This may seem nothing, but to me it obviously means something. I'm just thinking that Balinor and Igraine are possibly giving their sons their blessing (they sort of did, but more of a praise for their son's achievments). 


The "Mine" Concept

These words were never spoken directly, but rather implied indirectly through actions. It starts out with nicknames.

Arthur is the only person that has ever called Merlin an idiot on more than one occasions. Often times these words were substituted for the phrase 

"You're the worst manservant I ever had". 

Arthur never had any other manservant (unless you count Cedric). Could he possibly referring to future servants in his command? Probably not because Merlin is his only trusted manservant.

There have also been some thought concerning the phrase. The phrase could be a sign of endearment. In a way Arthur is marking his claim on Merlin. I mean did he ever call anyone else besides Merlin as his worst manservant or his idiot ever? The answer is no. <3

Merlin is the only one that calls Arthur a prat the first time they have met and on future events. It's true that there might have been others who have viewed Arthur this way, but are they willing to die for him like Merlin was for Arthur? Merlin is the only one that has always and forever more will risk his life for Arthur because Arthur is Merlin's prince prat.


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