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Kilgharrah (aka the "Great Slash Dragon")

Kilgharrah (via merlin wikia)

He's not just a talking dragon trapped in some deep underground cave. To most fans he is considered to be the biggest merlin/arthur gay subtext supporter in the whole series. He just loves giving secret riddles about destiny and the future, especially those concerning Merlin with Arthur. This quote, said by the dragon himself, is the most famous among fans:

"You are but one side of the coin. Arthur is the other." -- Kilghrarrah, in "The Mark of Nimueh"

To me this sounds like an old man telling two people that they are destined for one another. Arthur and Merlin are destined to be together, just not in a romantic sense. (A girl can hope right?)


Uther Pendragon

Uther with Merlin (via merlintvshow)

Uther was the person who was responsible, for assigning Merlin as a manservant to Arthur. This in effect seemed to strenghtened the bond between the boys as time went on. So much so, that even cold-hearted Uther Pendragon, can see that their is a bond between Merlin and Arthur. An example would be in the episode, "Excalibur" when Uther remarked that Merlin shows great loyalty to Arthur, that is beyong the sense of duty.   

This is like a person's approval if you ask me. ;) 



Hunith with Merlin (via merlintvshow)

There's nothing like a mother's approval when you let her meet the one you love for the first time. Yes, Hunith has met Arthur, and clearly she approves of him. Though she was introduced to him in a time of danger and not as a love interest of Merlin. Nevertheless, it seems that she saw a sort of bond between Arthur and her son and remarks that the two fit each other perfectly. In other words, Hunith is great mom! <3

"I can see how much he needs you, how much you need him, your like to sides of the same coin" -- Hunith, in "The Moment of Truth"


Katie Mcgrath and Angel Coulby

Angel and Katie (via 3xcusemyfrench)

For those of you that don't know, Katie plays Morgana and Angel plays Guineviere. The girls have been shown to ship Merlin and Arthur, but only in interviews. Note that these are the actors and not the characters themselves (Imagine if Gwen, the love character of Arthur, actually supports a relationship between Arthur and Merlin -- creepy).

In a sense its like a blessing given by a distant relative. Luv, these girls! :3    


Bradley James

In an interview, Bradley actually says that preferred his "bromance" with Merlin compared to his "romance" with Guinevere. And why wouldn't he? Bradley explains that its because he, as Arthur, spends all his time with Merlin and less time with Gwen, despite Gwen as the source of Arthur's love interest. Now isn't that interesting? XD 

Skip to 5:04. You'll see that Bradley clearly prefers his "bromance" with Merlin 


Arthur tells us: Gwen on Merlin? (via youtube)

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