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Moments Btwn Them Season Two

The Curse of Cornelius Sigan

Jealousy. It's written all over the episode. Merlin has got a rival in town vying to be Arthur's servant. Not surprisingly Merlin isn't happy not at all. You could say that he's inlove. Too bad he's not. Yet you could say he doesn't want to give up his job as a manservant to Arthur for anything in the world. Yea, he would never give it up. Which is why he tries so hard to do his chores so that Arthur may notice him. (Aw...isn't that sweet?)

In a fan's perspective (especially in the mind of an avid fangirl like me) this whole episode is written on a jealousy basis. It's like a guy (Arthur) who suddenly likes a new girl (Cedric) and his current girlfriend is jealous (Merlin). It's a cute episode. :3


Beauty and the Beast II

The famous almost hug moment between Merlin and Arthur. I bet all you crazy fangirls just love this. It starts out with Arthur calling out Merlin. Then he reaches Merlin to give him a friendly pat. Merlin assumes he is going for a hug. An awkward (to Merlin and Arthur), but adorably-sweet (to the fans) ensue.

"Whoa...what are you doing?" -- Arthur

"I thought you were going for a hug." -- Merlin

"Noo..." -- Arthur

"No.." -- Merlin


Lady of the Lake

Ever seen Arthur's softer side? Well aside from showing it to Gwen all the time he does have his moments when's he with Merlin. An example would be near the ending of this episode where Arthur happens to find Merlin polishing his boots. It's clear that Merlin is depressed.

Arthur assumes it was because he threw water at Merlin. Merlin remarks that it was a bit unfair. "Unfair..." Arthur murmurs "Like when you called me fat?"

Merlin looks up at Arthur only to be met by a hard nookie. In the language of Arthur, it is meant, "Don't let that get you down" (I'm just assuming what Arthur said during that "noogie" moment). When Arthur lets him go, Merlin smiles and Arthur smiles in return. Arthur then asks if Merlin is feeling better to which Merlin remarks that he is.

I adore this moment out of all the moments ever! <3


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