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Moments Btwn Them Season One

The Dragon's Call

Boy meets girl and sparks flew. In this case it was village boy meets prince charming boy and a fight ensues. Yep, I will tell no lie; that is how they first met -- Merlin stood up to Arthur in the defense of a bullied servant while Arthur is bewildered why someone like Merlin would ever stand up to him. Arthur then mocks Merlin and dares Merlin to land a punch on him, Merlin did, but this landed him in jail because he just found out that this "prat" was the prince of Camelot.

If you ask me their meeting should've gone like this. Note that this is fake.



Then the next day they fought again. Merlin was a bit reluctant, but Arthur urged him on.

"I could take you apart in blow." -- Arthur

"I could take you apart with less than that." -- Merlin

Now doesn't these lines sound sexual? And so the fight began. This time Merlin was clearly winning (with the help of his magic). He made Arthur bump into random objects, made him trip (:3). Then Gaius came and Merlin stopped and he was knocked down by Arthur.


The Poisoned Chalice

Already they are ready to die for the other. I mean literally and they've only known each other for such a short amout of time. Doesn't this mean that they really fell for each other the first time they met? It could be, but sadly this is just a progress in their ever growing bond. It starts out like this.

  1. Merlin drinks the poisoned cup for Arthur. Merlin does this so that Arthur will not die and thus not changing the future. Another reason he did this is because he has now become Arthur's "secret" protector.
  2. Arthur, in return, finds a magical flower, which should cure Merlin. On the way he encounters a trap set up by Nimueh, is nearly trapped, until he finds help from a magical glowing ball (this is Merlin's doing). Note that Arthur's journey is actually dangerous; Arthur will do anything to save Merlin.
  3. Arthur goes to visit Merlin and Merlin thanks him. A cute moment right there. Both boys thank the other and Merlin seems like he wants something more...Arthur just looks down and left the room.


The Moment of Truth

A time of crying, last words, and farewells. You think it's exactly what would happen in a moment like this. Here where in this moment Merlin and Arthur share their "last" time before Merlin heads to Ealdor. Next thing you know there'll be kisses. Sadly, it did not go like that. Merlin was merely there because he knew Arthur would be there (he really knows Arthur). He asks Arthur if he could go to Ealdor. Arthur (reluctantly) agrees to let him go, calling Merlin as the worst manservant he had ever known. Merlin simply smiles.

Merlin couldn't sleep, his mind busy with the journey ahead. In the camp everyone else is sleeping. That's when he hears it; a crack of twigs. He gets up and swings a sword, narrowly missing Arthur. It turns out Arthur has decided to come along.

It is later revealed that the only reason Arthur went to Ealdor was so that he be with Merlin and protect him. Hmm...doesn't this sound too much like a romantic plot?

Then later on the two decide to share a bed: Arthur on one side of the bed and Merlin on the other. Arthur's feet tickles Merlin and Merlin tries to shrug it off. Aww...isn't this a cute moment? <3


The Labryrinth of Gedref

In which Merlin acts like a maiden with his love for unicorns and Arthur is the evil hunter who accidentally kills it. Now doesn't this remind you of something? To me it reminds me of the "Swan Princess", where in one moment, Derek (as the hunter) prepares to shoot Odette (in her beast form), not knowing it is her, and nearly kills her with an arrow, but stops when he sees her transform back into a human. Now to me Merlin is like Odette, Arthur is the hunter, and the unicorn is Merlin in his beast form. But this is not about fairytale.

By killing the unicorn, Arthur puts Camelot in a devastating situation. Its people are starved, deprived of thirst, and water. Finally Arthur gives in and goes to find Anhora, keeper of the unicorns. Merlin intercepts this, but is captured. Arthur finds him and the two now face a difficult situation: Which is the poison cup and who will the drink it? It turns out that Merlin's brain actually works for once and figures out the solution, much to the surprise of Arthur (see Arthur, Merlin isn't an idiot). Then Arthur tricks Merlin, drinks the poisoned cup, and supposedly dies. Merlin declares to Anhora that he wants to take Arthur's place so that the future may be secured. Anhora merely says that Arthur has passed the test and that the cup was never really poisoned.


Le Morte d'Arthur

This is actually one of the few episodes where Merlin is actually willing to die for Arthur. Wait, scratch that -- everyday Merlin is risking his life just to save Arthur's. It's one of Merlin's great perks and in this episode it is no different. It all began with a hunt. Arthur, Merlin, and some of the knights were out hunting a mythical creature known as the Questing Beast, when suddenly it attacked and Arthur was severly wounded with a bite. Chaos ensued and the prince was dying; there was no cure for the bite. Merlin would not believe this and went to the Isle of the Blessed so that he may save Arthur. It came with a price, but the prince was saved. (No, Merlin did not die)

Someone else was about to die, Gaius, who had found out Merlin's plan and offered to exchange his life for Merlin's. Merlin would not let that happen. But before he went he visited Arthur, who was having dinner. There was a sentimental moment between them as the two exchanged words; as though nothing would happen. However, Merlin knew something was about to happen and somehow Arthur did too. (Their eyes I just it in this scene!)


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