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Arthur Pendragon


Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Family: Ygraine (mother), Uther Pendragon (father), Morgana (half-sister)
Hometown: Camelot
Portrayed by: Bradley James


Arthur, known as the "Wart" (via imageshack)


Doesn't seem like a royal now does he? That's because in the earlier tales, Arthur was born as a peasant. Poor scrawny Wart was bested at nearly everything by his cousing Kay, who is training to be a knight. It was only after he meets the old wizard, Merlin, that the Wart's destiny truly began. He was subjected to human transformations; he was transformed into various animals by Merlin -- This was so that he would be ready for his future. And ready the Wart becomes because when he pulls the sword, known by all as Excalibur, out of the stone, he became a king. A king known as, King Arthur.


Arthur Pendragon (via hyves)


The stronger version of Arthur, where he is definitely not scrawny and weak. ;) It seems like he's a prince this time and as a result is a "prat" (by Merlin's standard). But who cares when all you can focus on is his talent with swords and tournaments or don't forget hunting wild animals. Yep, it seems this is the macho version of the once-upon-time scrawny Arthur, known simply as the Wart.

But Arthur's life is not all dandy. Everyday he is constantly being threatened to death (literally!), either by witches, wizards, some mystical creature, and how about his own sister-Morgana (I said too much). How can he possibly survive? Leave it to Merlin (but Arthur doesn't know that) to come and rescue Arthur, but Merlin always fakes it and gives credit to Arthur. So...Arthur's confidence grows in himself.

With Merlin at his side he begins to value other people's opinion. He (sometimes) listens to Merlin and would do anything to save him, like a good friend. An example would be when Arthur nearly risked his life to get some frail, white flower (I forgot the name) just to save Merlin. Or how about the time when he supposedly took the poison chalice just so that Merlin wouldn't die? -- these are a few examples of the love between Merlin and Arthur.

However, just like in the legend, Arthur's true love is Guinevere. It's a simpler version of Romeo and Juliet. The only opposing foe would be Arthur's father, Uther, who refuses to let his son marry a servant girl. It all stars out when Arthur begins to notice Gwen near the end of season one, then it shot off in season two, and continued in season three (if you ask me this was too fast). Besides his father, Arthur faces one more challenge, Lancelot. The question is who will win Gwen's heart?

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