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Merlin (Emrys)


Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Family: Hunith (mother), Balinor (father), Gaius (uncle)
Hometown: Ealdor
Portrayed by: Colin Morgan


Old Wizard Merlin (via fanpop)


This is the old wizard that I was talking about earlier. Now as you know he looks nothing like the "Merlin" that we know. Well that's probably because he's older. There's not much to go on about this old fool because I didn't watch the movie (or maybe I did its just I dont remember him). However, from the smalls vids and animated gifs that I've found, I'm pretty sure that he still is the greatest wizard known to mankind. (He still helps Arthur become king) Not to mention that he still has the bubbly attitude that we all love and know. ;)


Merlin (via okeytvblog)


The younger version of Merlin where he is supposedly the same age as Arthur -- I've heard that he's at least one year younger than Arthur in the show. He has magical wizard powers that makes his eyes glow gold whenever he uses them. He can cast spells just by using his hand instead of some frail stick. Oh did I mention that Merlin is a total animal lover? He just simply adores unicorns.

But Merlin's life is not great just because he's a wizard. In fact its the total opposite. Being the bubbling manservant of Prince Arthur is not the only problem. Camelot forbids magic, so most of the time Merlin acts like a secret superhero protecting Camelot and Arthur. No one but Gaius is ever there to acknowledge his good deeds. You almost feel sorry for him.

Merlin believes that magic is good and thats its only evil when it begins to corrupt people. There are a few people that feel the same. Merlin is alone in this view, but this does not stop him from trying to bond. An example would be when he tries to help Morgana, because he realizes that she too has magic. Or Mordred when he was in trouble (Mordred is cute but creepy). And let's not to mention Freya, who is cursed to become a beast every night and kill anyone she sees. It's too bad that most of the people that he befriends is completely nuts (with the exception of Freya and this other guy in season three).

He is still destined for something great in the future. (Most fangirls, like me, want him to be with Arthur) He will probably become a great wizard that will be acknowledged by all. Not to mention that he will be the advisor of Arthur (if you ask me it's another way of calling him prince consort of Prince Arthur).

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