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Trust me if you've see disney like I did when you were a kid then you would have probably heard of the Lion King. Yes, I'm talking about those big cats that can talk (its an animation movie -- not something that is based on real life). You see the cats are pretty much royals and are treated as such instead of predators, which is what they are in the wild.

The first movie of the Lion King follows the life of Simba as he outgrows his status as lost prince to the greatest king the animals have ever seen. If you have watched the movie you will remember that there is romance as well as adventure (and lots of it). The second movie pretty much follows the script of the first movie, but to a lesser degree (some people just don't like it), but this time it follows the life of Kiara, Simba's daughter.

And then that's where this shrine comes in. Don't get me wrong I appreciate Simba and Nala, but my true passion lies within Kovu and Kiara. Hmm...maybe its the forbidden romance that reminds me so much of Romeo and Juliet (their parents are enemies) or the fact that they are teenage lions -- and I'm a teenage human -- which is probably the reason that I can relate so much to them.

Anyways the point is I love Kovu and Kiara and I made this shrine to prove it! If you don't like it then don't read any further and leave. If you still want to read then go ahead. I'm not stopping you. But don't say I didn't warn you...

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