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Moments Btwn Them In Film One

The movie begins with the voice of Hiccup introducing his entire village, its residents, and their number one enemy: dragons. While Hiccup is forced to stay inside and repair weapons -- this is so that he may not ruin anything; he is very clumsy -- he catches a glimpse of Astrid. In his introduction (because its still going), Hiccup describes Astrid as beautiful and one of the toughest teenage viking in town; in other words he is simply awestruck.

Its sort of like love at first site only its not because Hiccup has already seen Astrid many times before, but seeing her now, well it probably makes him fall inlove all over again. It's just too bad the feeling is reciprocated, yet. 


Astrid is following Hiccup into the forest -- mind you this is completely by accident; Astrid was just in the forest at about the same time Hiccup happens to visit Toothless (so then its not because she is stalking him -- okay she sorta is, but that's not the case). With suspicion coursing through her, Astrid follows and finds Hiccup soothing Toothless.

You could say that she was alarmed at first (especially when Toothless tried to attack her), but then she soon regained her cool. Hiccup offers to give her a ride in an attempt to show Astrid that Toothless is harmless -- this and so that she may keep quiet about the incident. The two almost-lovebirds enjoyed their flight and by Astrid kissed Hiccup on the cheek as a way of saying thanks.

Can you say this is like their first date, ever! And Hiccup recieved a kiss on the cheek too! Man this movie is definitely becoming romantic. ;)


Toothless is taken away and Hiccup becomes really depressed. Astrid goes over and attempts to comfort him. Hiccup asks why he wasn't able to kill Toothless and Astrid challenges the idea. Why did Hiccup choose to save Toothless and become friends with him? While attempting to explain himself, Hiccup suddenly feels inspired to save Toothless, all thanks to Astrid.

This is like becoming motivated before a big game by your girlfriend/boyfriend (which is exactly what Hiccup and Astrid will become in the near future). Their words causes you to do extraordinary things; motivates you to do almost anything. Well that's just what happened in this sweet, little moment.


Hiccup wakes up to a wooden leg -- it had to be amputated after the big fight -- and to Toothless staring at him with enthusiastic eyes. At first Hiccup is worried, but as he went outside he finds that dragons and humans are finally getting along. And that's not all. Astrid goes up to Hiccup, punches him (a little too hard much to his complaint), and kisses him (Hiccup remarks that he definitely could get used to this).

So its their second kiss and yet their official kiss all at the same time. Its also an indication that Hiccup and Astrid are officially dating and have now become boyfriend and girlfriend. So its a happy ending eh? You bet it is! XD

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