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Hiccup/Astrid } Astrid

Astrid Hofferson


Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Hometown: Berk
Voiced by: America Ferrera



The female embodiment of the way a viking should be (not to mention the love interest of Hiccup); Astrid is considered by many to be striking, tough, and beautiful. She has a determined personality -- making it hard for her to be impressed.

Like all vikings, she dislikes Hiccup, because to her he is not "viking material" (in fact he is the opposite). Her dislike of him is furthered on when Hiccup begins to become better than her in their Dragon Training. Her status as a star student is diminished and she becomes resentful and suspicious of Hiccup. This view of Hiccup changes when she accidentally finds him and Toothless in a forest.

She becomes impressed with Toothless' flight and decides to help keep Toothless as a secret. This doesn't last long when Toothless is discovered. Astrid tries to motivate a saddened Hiccup when Toothless is taken away. Eventually her encouragement works and together, she, Hiccup, and all the other kids ride the dragons and saved the day.

In the end of the movie, when Hiccup is going out of his home, Astrid comes over and gives him a big kiss on the lips. This officially makes Astrid as Hiccup's girlfriend and the two are last seen riding a dragon into the sky.

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