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Hiccup/Astrid } Hiccup

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III


Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Family: Stoick the Vast (father)
Hometown: Berk
Voiced by: Jay Baruchel



The geek embodiment of the viking world (and as a result is considered an outcast by many); Hiccup is everything a viking should not be -- its because their all about force and fighting. He constantly spends his time creating inventions and dreams of becoming a dragon slayer. He also has a crush on Astrid.

With everything he does (mostly when it comes to dragon fighting), Hiccup is clumsy and is forbidden to participate when the village is attacked by dragons -- this is because everytime he attempts to help he ends up making it worse. One day his clumsiness gained him a new friend; a dragon known as the Night Fury, whom he names Toothless.

From this friendship, Hiccup learns a lot of things about dragons which he uses to his advantage in his Dragon Training. He quickly becomes a star student, much to the suspicion of Astrid -- and Astrid does find out his secret, but decides to keep quiet when Hiccup takes her on a flight with Toothless.

But a happiness this good cannot last forever. Toothless is discovered by the adults when he was merely attempting to save Hiccup from another dragon. Hiccup's father is ashamed of him and Toothless was taken away so that he may lead the adults to the dragon's lair. Astrid is the one that manages to motivate Hiccup to stand up and fight (so that they may rescue Toothless). Together, along with the others, they gather the dragons and fought the ulmighty dragon.

In the end they have won and by the last moments of the movie, Hiccup is kissed by Astrid (on the lips) and is now officially dating her. The two are last seen riding a dragon into the sky.

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