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Just imagine -- a world of vikings with their number one enemy as the dragons. Well that pretty much sums up the plotline of "How to Train Your Dragon". Only its not. Well it sorta is, but its not. In fact the animation movie is pretty much centered on a boy named Hiccup (yea, I know weird name for a boy, lol) who is considered weak and not worthy of being a "dragon slayer" -- the phrase pretty much defines itself -- only to prove them all wrong by doing something extraordinary (more details on his bio.)

In other words this is just another movie where the weak becomes the powerful (only its not because its so much more and I absolutely love it!). But I'll be clear now (and if you went to my other shrines then you probably know what I'm going to say) this is not a fansite about "How to Train Your Dragon"; its a shrine specifically dedicated to the main couple of the movie, Hiccup and Astrid.

Flamers be warned -- you may view this shrine but you will not degrade it as an insult forum. For fans of this pairing or the movie please enjoy the shrine. ;) 

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