Anakin and Padme


Bart and Tim

*Rings and Alarm Clocks

Bruce doesn't like Bart much. But he really doesn't like Oliver Queen.


*Oh God, My Eyes!

Bart and Tim celebrate their anniversary.


Family Secrets

Tim's got something important to tell his parents.


*Coming Out to the Drakes

Tim tells his parents about his relationship with Bart.


*Coming Out to the Batman

Tim goes to tell Batman about his relationship to Bart.


Coming Out to the Team

Tim and Bart come out about their relationship to Young Justice.


Just The Way You Are

Tim's gotten turned into a girl. The reactions of the other Titans are...surprising.


Sexual Healing

Tim and Bart both love to skateboard, but Tim thinks it would be more fun if Bart would quit hurting himself. Then again, Tim does enjoy 'making it better.'



What's a speedster to do when he finds a person who constantly out-thinks him? Bart's not sure, but the answer probably isn't 'fall in love'. Of course, Impulse has never been great at following rules . . .


Speeding Dreidels

Bart celebrates Hanukkah with Tim.




Hiccup and Astrid

How to Train Your Dragon: The Novelization

A young Viking's life is changed when he befriends the one thing Vikings were born to fight: A Dragon. HiccupxAstrid. OCs and plot change.


Merlin and Arthur


TO READ        

Life's Temporary (not finished)

Merlin transports himself to Camelot, where he becomes friends with Prince Arthur; the two boys become secret friends.


Inside Outright

Arthur would probably have forgotten about him, looked away and maybe had one more drink before heading home because he rather desperately wanted to be curled up in bed with his cat, Sasha, watching Lost and drinking hot chocolate (absolutely no one knew of this ritual except, of course, Sasha, who had promised never to tell).  But suddenly the guy opened his eyes and looked directly at Arthur, and something in Arthur felt total, final recognition.  Whatever was in this skinny, awkward kid's eyes was exactly what was inside Arthur-- a deep-seated, unending loneliness, the knowledge that there could never be anybody who understood or wanted him.


Little Wooden Boy and the Belly of Love

Modern AU. Arthur moves to a a different city to start a new life and become a new man. On a whim he decides to share a flat with an attractive stranger, and quickly gets drawn into Merlin's odd little world


Careless Guidance of an Inadequate Englishman

Arthur Pendragon has lived his whole life in New York City; it's boring and ordinary, and he can't connect with any of the people that live there. But when his life is saved mysteriously by a homeless boy he realizes that there is more to see in the world, but only if you're willing to take a chance to open your eyes.


That Night At The Club

They will say, long past Morgana's birthday, that it was that night at the club when things really started to happen between Arthur and Merlin. Naturally, Morgana and Gwen like to take credit, but so does Val, despite Arthur and Merlin's protests that they would've figured it out themselves. Eventually.


Primogeniture (not finished)

Merlin is happy to dedicate his life and soul to Arthur when he comes to Camelot, even though he knows the dragon is wrong, and Arthur will never be king. How can he be, when he is the second son?


1609, 5280, 63360 (not read)


Generous is the universe

Merlin comes across a familiar face on Christmas Eve. Modern AU. ~6,000 words.


The Perils of Self-Medication (not finished)

In which one night of unprotected sex between strangers changes the world. Eventually. Modern AU. ~18,000 words in total. ~8,000 words for these two parts.


The Pendragon Job

This began when someone said, "I wish there were more heist fics in the Inception fandom."  It started as a jewelry heist and turned, instead, into The One Where the Team Incepts King Arthur.


What We Have (and What We Have Left)

Camelot era/season 1 AU in which Merlin is raised by Nimueh and sent to Camelot to kill the prince. Merlin, unfortunately, is very bad at sticking to the plan.


Fools of Us All

Merlin accidentally makes everybody in Camelot fall in love with him. Everybody except Arthur, that is.


Forever Love (The Round Table Remix)


What Looks Like Crazy

Three years after being diagnosed with HIV, Merlin Emrys is managing, if not quite coping. Enter Arthur Pendragon, the man who doesn’t know how to take no for an answer.


A Step to the Left (not finished)

A retelling of Merlin starring a girl.






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Naruto and Sasuke



The Girl Online

When Naruto is rejected by Sakura again and is very depressed, his friends come up with a way to cheer him up. Set him up with a girl on the internet, of course. Though will it work even if the girl is Sasuke? NaruSasu with mentions of others


My Type of Woman

AU - Fact: If a girl slaps you for no reason, it means she likes you. But this one punched him in the face, kneed him in the South Pole and left him in a humiliating heap on the ground ... nonyaoi, femNaru, SasuNaru


Family Affair

When Naruto's father and Sasuke's brother find romance, the two will stop at nothing to end it...even if it means falling for each other in the process. SasuNaruSasu MinaIta AU


Cake & Kisses

At the age of five Sasuke found his angel, the one he wanted to make his bride. Unfortunately the object of his affection doesn’t seem to share his feelings…How does an Uchiha woo an unruly blond?


The Proposal

Naruto Uzumaki would do whatever it took to make it to the top of his career, even if that meant marrying his bastard of a boss. Based on The Proposal. SasuNaru. AU. Shonen Ai.


Spiral Falling


Merry Christmas, Naruto

This Christmas, Naruto receives the best gift that he never asked for. AU. SasuNaru. One-Shot.



AU. SasuNaruSasu. For La Vita a Colori! Prompt: Naruto works at a coffee shop and pines after Sasuke the angst-y, quiet businessman.



Welcome To A Masquerade

Naruto is sick of no one noticing him, so he makes a drastic change with the help of his teacher, Hayate. What becomes of him when he changes? And what happens when he meets a new student named Sasuke, who seems to have masks of his own? AU YAOI NaruSasu




Wally and Dick

Gif Urls



Finished Reading

Young Justice


Welcome to the Family, Or Not

Flash and Batman come upon their charges' secret relationship in a very bad way. Batman is not happy. Written for a prompt in yj anon meme.



Wally can't help being slow at certain things.



In just a moment, Robin fell asleep. KF might have just the thing to make Boy Wonder comfy.



Truth be told, he really wouldn't have minded if Robin took his bait and strayed to the other side of the fence. Implied onesided KF/Rob. You don't have to look very hard to see that it's mutual.


The Box

Robin has been watching Kid Flash.


They Know

"Robin, we know about you and Wally..." Kaldur trailed off, as Robin stared, confused. Then it clicked. Oneshot. Flame's are welcomed, I'm freezing!I'll expand on request!


Laundry Day

Everyone knows that chores are 'stupid'. And with nothing better to do Wally decides teasing Dick is probably the most fun he's going to have all day.



Against his better judgment, he agreed to watch a movie with Kid Flash. One that Kid Flash picked out, might I add. He'd been all excited by the movie's title, "WALL-E."


And The Unrelated Moral Is

Wally wants to know Robin's secret identity. There's fluff in here, you just have to look for it.


Bridal Style

Robin's not too happy with how everyone's been carrying him around. Really, does he *look* like a damsel in distress?


Under This Mask

crossdressing prompt again, but this time its because its the only way Dick can feel like himself, he doesn't have to wear a mask, the only thing he has to pretend at is being a girl. Wally sees him at a club or something and doesn't realize its him.



Kid Flash expresses an insecurity.


The Art of Warm Fuzzies (not finished)

Robin and Kid Flash are in love. Sorta. Everyone else thinks so, anyway.



A nod to the Batman Beyond splicing episode. Wally and Robin are injected with the animal splicing drug and now Wally's animal instincts are telling him to stalk after the little bird of their group.



Kid Flash comments on Robin's pants, and gets (un)lucky in the process


*Le Chocolate Bar of DOOM!

Don't mess with Dick's chocolate. He'll smack the taste out yo' mouf'


*First Impressions

One-shot. Kid Flash holds no expectations before meeting the famous Boy Wonder. What he thinks about afterwards is a different story.



By accident Wally discovers what Robin has been hiding beneath those shades of his.



Robin pulls out his mom's old cookbook and Wally learns a bit about his best friend.



Kid Flash's High Metabolism leads to one thing: trouble. Food Fights, an angry clone, chases...shall I go on?


The Code

No summary.


if you are into that sort of thing

"The limited time offer ended at midnight." Suddenly, his yellow and black cape was snatched and yanked backwards. /Aftermath of YJ Valentine's Twitter.


Light Bulbs, Revelations, and Half-Naked Redheads

Robin and Wally are 'together' but Superboy doesn't think its weird because he's just Superboy like that. And all he really wants is his damn light bulb!


The Taste In Your Mouth

Dick's been waiting seven years to stick his tongue down Wally's throat, but now he's got a plan. Sort of.


Teen Titans


The Truth About Alfred

The man's really an angel in disguise. Or some sort of god. Or both. In other words, the tale of how Wally totally failed at getting Bruce's permission to date Dick. Sequel to Batsnipers, Power Grids, and Kryptonite Machetes. Side of Conner/Tim.


Episodes -- episode three



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