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Fic Recs

Recs are organized alphabetically by title.

* = personal favorite


*28, by mintbanana

She has 28 days, but if he's to be believed, she's losing this one either way.


*Asthma Attack, by secret murderer

Brick has an asthma attack in the middle of the woods. What will Blossom do?


Can I Be You, by jksketchy

Born from Him's blood, the Rowdyruffs are struck with the uncontrollable urge to destroy the Powerpuffs. But as it turns out, Mojo is a lousy father. Can the Rowdyruffs go to the Powerpuffs for help, even after nearly killing them?


Reading You, by Lumiere Nordiques

Blossom and Brick have an interesting argument over their favorite books.


*Red Gummi Bears, by pinkpower

Red like the blood I'd bleed for you. He could never love you more than I do. - Your Secret Admirer


Shut Up!, by pinkpower

Brick was trying to figure out how to shut her up without him having to shout it.


Sneaky, by Serenity Uzimatsu

Blossom has been sneaking out of the house late at night lately. But for what? Blossom's not all that good as she was thought to be and does some things that she isn't all that proud of. But what can you do but want to impress the person you love?


*Something About Red, by somewei

Brick has a unique way of showing Blossom how he spends his Valentine's Day.


*Taking Responsibility, by somewei

For eleven years, Earth has been under the oppressing thumb of Mojo and the Rowdyruff Boys, but when three super-powered girls enter the picture, it becomes a game of espionage, deception and seduction.


The Day You Went Away, by renchii

"What are you doing here?" Brick looked up the sky "Is it illegal to go out?" Blossom's eyebrows furrowed and she glared at him "All this time you still haven't learnt have you? Tell me the truth, Brick. What are you doing here?"

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