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References to the Powerpunk Girls

*This argument is based on this page under the subtopic A Punky Couple. The content however is mine so please no stealing. ;)


The Puffs and the Punks (via photobucket)



Supposedly there was to be another evil trio against the Powerpuff Girls, but this time from an alternate universe. The group were the alternate-dimensional opposites of the Powerpuffs known as the Powerpunk Girls (aka the evil version of the girls). Their names were Berserk (Blossom's evil counterpart), Brat (Bubbles's evil counterpart), and Brute (Buttercup's evil counterpart). Now supposedly the episode regarding these girls never aired, but they did appear in the PPG comics (I'm sorry, but I have no further info. on this one). What is a really interesting issue is that supposedly if the Powerpunk Girls were to have met the Rowdyruff Boys, the two teams were to fall in love.

I can practically hear you all screaming right now (run!), but don't break me yet for I'm not yet done (holds a peace treaty).


Supposed Timeline

  • The Ruffs meet the Punks while robbling a bank -- the Punks were fighting the Puffs at the time.
  • The Ruffs instantly fall in love with the girls because of how evil and hot they were (much to the Punks egos and the Puffs jealousy when they found out).
  • The Punks and the Ruffs team up to find other evil versions of themselves so as to rule the world and defeat the Powerpuff Girls.
  • The story supposedly ends with a cliffhanger.

Now I know what you're thinking: this isn't the plot of a PPG episode episode! This is the plot of a fan's rabid imagination (if only that were true...). Alas I tell no lie (as I have mentioned so many times before). But let's focus on the good side shall we?


Jealousy Over the Powerpunk Girls?

That is the main thing that had clicked (in my brain) when I had read that webpage. This is the evidence of a lifetime: the Powerpuff Girls at their current age is in love with the Rowdyruff Boys, but will only realize this once their hormones have clicked in (the City of Clipsville).


But What About -- we'll only know the true ending if the unaired episode is ever developed. 


Darn it I didn't mention Brick or Blossom at all. I just refered to them as groups. T-T -- eep! Don't look at me while I'm crying my heart out!


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