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*Most of the topics on this page I got from here under the subtopic Common Grounds. However the content is all mine so no copying. ;)



It is a well-known fact that Brick and Blossom are leaders of this team. Either this is because they are natural born leaders or the fact that they may be older I do not know. However, it is the way they act as leaders which is essesentially different. Brick is more like a mob boss ordering his brothers all the time whereas Blossom thinks that she has the solution to everything. Their behaviors as leaders will most likely annoy their siblings -- Brick to Boomer and Blossom to Buttercup.


Fussy and self-centered

Again this is partly due to their leadership traits. The two redheads love to think that they are the leaders of their own team (which they are). Unfortunately they tend to be too fussy (Brick more so than Blossom) which is where they become extremely bossy. But what can I say? Their still kids and therefore need more time to learn to become good leaders (well good for the evil side in the case of Brick).



Blossom loves to show off her intelligence and her luxurious hair whereas Brick says this mantra (probably in his mind), "Me, myself, and I!". It is definitely no secret that these two redheads love to brag -- to show that they are the best at everything. Whether this involves school (Blossom) or being street smart (Brick) these two will do anything to be the best!


Parenting their siblings

Still part of the leader topic...Blossom is considered the responsible one whereas Brick has hardly shown concern for his brothers (tough love). Its their gender that probably makes all the difference. As a girl Blossom will act like a caring mother and a guy Brick will act like a tough father that is hard to please.



Well their color ranges are in the same spectrum, but its not exactly the same. I mean Brick wears red and Blossom wears pink, but then again Brick is a boy so it would only be natural if he wears red and Blossom is a girl so it is typical that she would most likely wear pink than red. (I don't know what I'm talking about -- ignore this rambling part if this bores you) Note: this does not concern their eye color because they were born with it.


Opposites Attract

This catchphrase is heard many times throughout the media and in the real world (aka reality). It is often misused and pictured as cliche, but in the end it will always result in this: the two opposing forces (or in this case people) will come together and form a unity; true love prevails! For now this is not the case between Brick and Blossom. The two redheads would rather fight than dare love the other (that is unless the girls are trying to embarrass the boys by flirting with them). But fear not my friends for in the future they will wall for each other. (if you don't believe me then take a look at this miniature timeline) 


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