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Moments in the Anime Version

The Rowdyruff Boys

Perverted and utterly disgusting should be the label of this episode. The boys have just met the girls and in a short amount of time they have managed to infuriate them in ways never seen in the original version. There was some "skirt lifting" -- much to the girls embarrassment.  Then there were "booger bullets" aimed at the girls and landing in their weapons -- again the disgust. Finally the revealing of butts; the girls want their revenge! 

Yet even though the boys have now become perverts, they are still apparently afraid of cooties. The picture below is an example. See one touch from Blossom and already Brick is inching away (and no this is not the cause of nerves because he is inlove). ;)


Powerpuff Rowdy Boys

The best form of flattery is imitation, am I correct to assume? Well apparently that's exactly what the Rowdyruff Boys have just in mind -- after of course Brick got the idea from staring too much at Blossom's clothing.

With the boys in their clothes and on a live stage doing performances that the girls would never do it was safe to say that the girls really need their clothes back. There were some chasing, a mix-up of teams, and weapons that proved futile against the girls outfits on the boys. It seemed as if the boys love the girl's outfits too much to give it away so easily (this really seems like a fan stealing from an idolized celebrity).

That is until Bubbles made a comment about the looking really pretty in their outfits. Blossom was quick to notice and added her own comment. Her sisters quickly caught on -- the boys were in for a real embarrassment now. Brick was the first to get rid of his outfits.

"Does this look girly to you?" -- Brick, Boomer, and Butch with only their underwear in front of the girls.

"Perverts!" -- Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup screamed.

The boys were sent flying in the air.


Girls, Beyond Time and Space

And the long awaited fist-fight finally arrives. The girls have arrived in Egypt and into the hands of the now super-powered Rowdyruffs. The battle didn't last long because the girls now know the boys weakness. Each of the girls sent kisses to their respective counterparts forcing the boys to band together only to get trapped and faint. Now that my friends is like fainting from shock triggered by a kiss from your long-awaited crush. 


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