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Moments in the Cartoon Version

The Rowdyruff Boys

The episode that had captured the hearts of millions probably because it showed that the girls finally have rivals (in the form of boys) and a possible romance (again with the boys).

"You hit me once, I hit you back -- a kiss with a fist is better than none!" lyrics from the song "Kiss With A Fist"

Now that is a perfect descript of what exactly happens in this episode. The two teams meet and instantly a fight ensues. The fight is more like a battle of wills to see who would give in first and who is the strongest. At first it seems even, but the girls soon lose to the boys. It is only natural because a boy is stronger than a girl right? Well that's only in a physical matter. The girls were able to beat the boys with kisses and then the boys explode. Watch the episode if you don't believe me.

Another interesting to note is that after the boys are defeated, Blossom admits to Bubbles, that she likes kissing boys. Could this mean she has a crush on Brick, already? Absolutely!


The Boys Are Back In Town

Kisses, kisses, and yes more kisses! The strategy that the girls predictably used on the boys, but this time they did not explode -- this time they grew (and I mean literally). Now in a romantic view it would seem like the guy is "growing" confident with love. That is not the case in this episode. The kisses are more like weapons (and I don't mean weapons of seduction -- you know what I mean). So the boys grew stronger than the girls and for a while it seems like they are finally winning.

That is to say until Blossom noted that the boys actually "shrink" in size whenever they are embarrassed. The girls played with the boys and treated them like children.

  • Blossom pull Brick's undies
  • Blossom pinched Brick's cheek and called him a baby

The girls have won the battle much to the boys obvious embarrassment.


The City of Clipsville

And the long awaited romance between the "Puffs" (the girls) and the "Ruffs" (the boys) have finally arrived, though only when they are now teenagers. I'm telling you this is the work of hormones! The girls only have two things on their mind: the mall and cute boys. Meanwhile the boys are sharing the same though: the hot girls. The girls and boys flirt with their main counterparts.

Blossom's conversation with Brick goes like this:

"You going to Tod's tonight?" -- Brick

"Umm...I have to study for an algebra test for my english class. What are you doing?" -- Blossom

"Uh...going to Tod's." -- Brick

"Haha..oh what a coincidence". -- Blossom

In other words the two red-heads are finally going on a date! <3


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