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Blossom Utonium


Eye Color: Pink
Hair Color: Orange
Family: Buttercup (sister), Bubbles (sister), Professor Utonium (creator/father), Mojo Jojo (ape brother/co-creator/arch nemesis)
Hometown: Townsville
Voiced by: Jennifer Fried and Catherine Cavadini (cartoon version) and Emiri Katou Kiuchi (anime version)


 Blossom, in the Powerpuff Girls
(via photobucket)


The perfect example of what a girl should be: smart, pretty, can stand up to herself with her super powers. This is the concept of Blossom, the leader and overchiever of the Powerpuff Girls. For her age, she is mature and prefers to solve problems using mathematical and/or scientific skills. She uses this same ability when fighting crimes.

Even though Blossom considers herself as "perfect" she is not viewed in the same way as the others. A good example would be Buttercup, who prefers to disobey Blossom when she feels as if Blossom is being too bossy. In her mind Blossom does not consider herself as bossy and often thinks that she is doing the right thing. As a result she often argues with Buttercup. When their fights become serious, only with the of Bubbles or the Prof. can it ever be resolved.

Yet, despite being mature, Blossom still acts like a little girl. Why? Well its because she is still young and is only a girl, but with super powers. For example she loves to play with dolls, does not know the concept of stealing (remember she still young), and like all girls, Blossom loves to flirt with boys. This is shown whenever, she is about to kiss Brick or afterwards. Later as a teenager, this apparent infatuation evolves into a crush (the work of hormones).


Blossom, as Momoko in Demashita!
Powerpuff Girls Z (via fanpop)

Blossom, in Demashita! Powerpuff
Girls Z (via fanpop)


Blossom, is more a superhero in the anime version. There are two reasons for this:

  1. She has a secret identity known as Momoko -- its not really a secret identity because she doesn't wear anything to mask her identity. Really the only difference between secret identity and her superhero identity is her outfit (which resembles her cartoon version).
  2. She uses a yo-yo as a weapon. This is significantly different from her cartoon version because Blossom, in the original series, never uses weapons, except of course when she is hurling the item towards the villain. 

In this version, Blossom is only clever or crafty when it is needed, which is usually when she fights crime. She is obsessed with boys (boy-crazy), candy, and otaku (a Japanese term used to refer to people with obsessive interests, particularly anime, manga, or video games).

She may be the leader of the Powerpuff Girls, but they are not her sisters. They are simply her teammates (when fighting) and her classmates (when in school). However, she does have a younger sister named, Kuriko. Her only future goal is to be married.

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