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Brick Jojo


Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Orange
Family: Butch (brother), Boomer (brother), Mojo Jojo (creator/father), HIM (second father/creator)
Hometown: Townsville
Voiced by: Rob Paulsen (cartoon version) and Reiko Kiuchi (anime version)


Brick (first appearance), in the
Powerpuff Girls (via wikia)

Brick (second appearance), in the
Powerpuff Girls (via wikia)


This is Brick, the one that I was talking about earlier in the main page. He is the exact opposite of Blossom: evil, "ruff" (I mean rough), really bossy, etc. He may not look much, but he really is a strong kid. He has incredible strength, a special ability (firebreath, though it is never shown), his own team of which he is the bossy commander (aka the Rowdyruff Boys) and really hates the Powerpuff Girs (his main goal is to destroy).

You could say he is the ultimate villain when it comes to opposing, Blossom. He could never be truly defeated in combat, but he does have his weaknesses. Just think what are little boys afraid of more than anything in the world? Brick is afraid of anything that is considered, "girly". By this I mean cooties (which is from girls), kisses (especially from a girl), and embarrasment (especially aimed towards his masculinity). The typical aspects of a little boy, the only difference is that he is aggressive (when fighting) and dominating (when giving orders to his brothers).

At his current age, Brick doesn't like girls -- he just wants to fight them and beat them up. No amount of kissing and flirting is ever gonna move him. But in a future episode, he is shown to have a crush on, Blossom; his exact opposite as a child and former enemy. episode. This is probably the work of hormones and his more "lazy" teenage personality: Brick as a teenager, finally makes a move on Blossom. <3


Brick in Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z (via photobucket)


This is the Japanese version of Brick, in the new series, Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z. There is only a mild difference between his cartoon counterpart (the American and original version) and his new anime form (the Japanese version). The main similarity is that he is still the leader of Rowdyruff Boys, gross out the girls, and wears red outfits. The main difference is the way he acts as a villain.

His creator is still, Mojo Jojo, whom he and his brothers, refer to as "Mama". He shows no respect towards Mojo (who considers the RRB as his sons) or any other villains. He and his brothers prefer to work alone.

While, his cartoon counterpart is more inclined to fight, this anime version of Brick, simply likes to pull pranks. His goal is not just to oppose the Powerpuff Girls, but to oppose the city as well. He and his brothers are often seen pulling pranks -- this involves dressing up as the Powerpuff Girls, pulling gross acts, etc (just about any crazy stunts a boy can think of). However, he is still a fighter, but with a weapon (he fights with Blossom's straw, the item that was used to create him).

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