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If you were a kid somewhere in the year 2000 then you've probably heard of this old cartoon. You know the story of three genetically chemically born girls known as, the Powerpuff Girls, and is the protector of Townville? If this doesn't jog your memory just think of pink, green, and blue outfits (and imagine three girls wearing them). Now that my friends is the super crime fighting trio, the Powerpuff Girls.

The cartoon series (as I look back on it now) is pretty predictable. It always start like this:

The narrator talks. Then there is havoc wreaking the city. Then the narrator says, "Oh look its the Powerpuff Girls" (or something like that). The three girls punch, kick, throw objects until the monster is defeated. "Townville is saved!", says the narrator. Tne next day this repeats, but sometimes it gets harder. Typical plot of a cartoon, but what can I say cartoons are crazy. XD

But I'm not here to talk about the Powerpuff Girls in general. Surely the picture above or the title on the page is an indication of what I'm about to talk about. Ever heard the idea of opposites attract? Well that's how I feel of Blossom, the superhero, and Brick, the villain, as a couple. The same could be said for Boomer/Bubbles and Butch/Buttercup, but those couples are not my favorite. If you're here to read about them then I'm sorry to say that you've found the wrong site. However, if you are here to read about Brick/Blossom then youv'e come to the right place. ;)


If you are still interested in the topic of what I am about to discuss then be my guess and continue onwards, but if you hate the mere idea of them together then I suggest you leave. Flames will not be tolerated while this girl is still alive and kicking!

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