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I'll try to keep this information as short as possible; I already wrote too much in the index page. -_-' Basically its this message: Leisure Stars is simply a "fan" site made by a crazy - by this I mean obsessed with many things - girl. It is not meant to be offensive or violate any rules; its supposed to be fun with some helpful information. ;)

The reason why I chose name, Leisure Stars, was simple. I simply picked it out of random (out of a hat if you will). Plus Leisure Stars signifies two things (at least in my mind it does): "lazy" for leisure and "special" for stars -- do you get my joke? It describes me exactly as I am in two simple words.


The Webmistress

Note: this is an old biography from one of my accounts.

Joana -- a nickname of a much longer name.
18 -- current age kiddies! (Yes, I'm almost there)
Energetic + Spontaneous -- all due to the trait of an Aries. XD
Will fall for any cliches -- especially ones that written, on my fav tv shows, and movies. ;)

Currently addicted to:
Merlin -- MerlinxArthur <3
How to Train Your Dragon -- best animation movie this year dont you agree?
Avatar -- I mean the one with the blue aliens called Navis
Harry Potter -- always a HarryxHermione fan
Pokemon -- still inlove with shippings such as poke, contest, ikari, and now flavestscent
Star Wars -- big AnakinxPadme fan!




1. May I use any of your images?

You can use any of the screenshot images anyways their not mine. The banners are the only images you can't use -- I worked hard on those.


2. If I use any of your images do I have to give credit?

Giving credit is always nice, but it is not necessary (you should instead give credit to the companies that actually make them). However, if you still want to give credit a simple link to any one of my sites will be very much appreciated. <3 


3. You said I can use any of your screenshots. Does that mean I can use your content?

I will say this only once: "the answer is no". I spent my free hours working on those content (pouring my heart and soul into it). So you could probably say that if someone were to steal my content I would be mad beyond belief. You can, however, reference it. By this I mean "quoting" a few lines as well as a link back to the source. Anything more than a few lines is considered as stealing in my mind.


4. Do you accept shrine requests?

Maybe. It will depend if the couple in question is something I like.


5. Can you help me make my own shrine?

It depends on how "free" I am. If I were to help you, however, please be advised that I can only help with some basic html (I'm not that good). As for the content on your site, well I can only guide you.


Credit and Disclaimer


I do not own any of the characters from any shrine. Those belong to the companies that actually produce it. I am in no way connected to any of them. This site is for entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is ever intended. This is simply a site run by a fangirl named Joana.



The owners of the pictures and videos are already given credit wherever the picture or video is displayed. The banner were created from the following resources:

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